#77 Back for Realzzz + Hot Nutrition Topics

Where in the world have Sassy and Pearl Been? + Nutrition in the News

Sooo our bad. Team Nutrition Genius needed to take a little (eek, okay REALLY long) hiatus. We practice what we preach, ya know? We had to prioritize our health even when that means taking a team time out from bringing you all the nutrition nerdyness.

The good news is, like always we are #twinning and our schedules have normalized enough for us to get the show back up and running! Moving forward we plan to continue bringing you Nutrition Genius Radio on a monthly basis. Tune in this week to hear…

Topics covered this episode:

Where in the world have Sassy and Pearl been?

What’s up with the documentary What the Health? Should you believe it?

Is coconut oil going to kill you?

…and more!

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Show Notes:

Laura’s new project: Designed to Fit Nutrition

Abbey Sharp: An RDs perspective on What The Health

Robb Wolf’s Take on What The Health

What The Health “facts” 

USA Today Article on Coconut Oil