Mashed Curry White Sweet Potatoes

white sweetI am always preaching to people to not go grocery shopping when they are hungry or in a hurry and yesterday I failed to take my own advice. I was in a super hurry and instead of getting white potatoes I grabbed Jersey white sweet potatoes. I didn’t even notice it until I got home and saw the receipt that said “potato sweet white.” Uh, what? I had to Google what it is. For a full guide to the difference between sweet potatoes, yams, and the varieties of each check out this article from Marks Daily Apple. Continue reading “Mashed Curry White Sweet Potatoes”

Sweet & Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Thank You Butternut Squash

Hello Winter, am I right?! If you live on the East Coast you have been blessed with a winter that is cold and snowy 🙂 Ok, maybe you don’t like winter as much as I do so you can find me on the slopes…

OR in the kitchen making DELICIOUS soup recipes. This time of year squashes and hearty vegetables are much more abundant and taste absolutely delicious. One of our go-to soup recipes for the winter is a butternut squash soup. I love butternut squash because it can be used either in a savory or sweet manor. I prefer a sweeter butternut squash soup with the help of coconut and cinnamon….who needs dessert when you have something THIS GOOD?!


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