#73 Should You Supplement?


The supplement world is enormous and incredibly confusing. Do you need one? What kind? Should you take a multivitamin? Who can you trust? Ahhhh NUTRITION GENIUSES TO THE RESCUE! In this episode we cover…

how to fix your lifestyle

how to decide if you need a supplement

what recommendations you should trust

how to choose supplements wisely

…and more!

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Healthy Tips & Tricks To Prevent Colds and The Flu Naturally!

Image Source: http://thenestedblog.com
Image Source: http://thenestedblog.com

Here at Team Nutrition Genius we HATE being sick and even more than that we really HATE when you get sick 🙁 So, we are here to make sure you prevent or at least lessen the duration and severity of colds and the dreaded FLU! How you ask?! Well if you stick around I’ll tell you 🙂

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