#30 Inflammation…What Is It Good For?


What is Inflammation?

Ever wonder what Pearl & Sassy are talking about when they say the word Inflammation?!! Have no fear today Team Nutrition Genius back tracks and explains inflammation once and for all. Today we will teach you about inflammation, what it is good for and why we need to get rid of MOST of it!  We will give you the science (Pearl-style) and break it down to human terms (Sassy-style) to help you reach your inflammation happy medium. Find out what foods we recommend you increase and what foods to kick to the curb. Remember to JUST EAT REAL FOOD 🙂

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#17: Sugar, Honey, Honey!


Sugar and other sweeteners are hiding everywhere on labels these days and companies just keep coming up with new names and ways to trick us into eating massive quantities of this health-wrecking nonsense. Da da da daaaa Pearl and Sassy to the rescue! We will explain the differences between sugar, natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols and let you in on some Pearl and Sassy approved sweeteners! BONUS! Scroll down to the show notes and find a printable handout so you can identify these sugars and other mutants wherever you go!

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