Top 5 Pantry Staples (Q&A#25)

tunaWhat’s In Your Pantry?

Pantry Staples: we all have them. But what are the ones that we have and recommend that you have on hand as well? Check out this short and sweet podcast to find out our top 5 pantry staples.

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#39 Major Minerals


 Major Minerals from food…and a GIVEAWAY!

Ever feel like you are running on empty? Well that might mean you need more energy and guess what vitamins can help with that! Find out this week how you can get your vitamins in REAL FOOD form and start being as energetic as Sassy & Pearl! Continue reading “#39 Major Minerals”

Calcium without Dairy (Q&A #10)


Calcium without DAIRY!

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This week’s question is about CHEESE! If you want to hear more about dairy from your favorite nutrition geniuses, check out Episode #7!

Dear Nutrition Geniuses,

I think I have a dairy intolerance and after listening to you geniuses I decided to eliminate it to see how I feel…well turns out I feel like a rockstar. BUT…now I’m worried, where is a gal supposed to get strong bones from? Will my bones crumble to pieces if I don’t get calcium from milk? HELPPPP!

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#6: It’s a bird, It’s a plane, it’s SUPERFOOD! (Sardines, Tea, Eggs and more!)

Because we don't take ourselves to seriously. #twinning
Because we don’t take ourselves to seriously. #twinning

Welcome back to another episode of Nutrition Genius Radio! Today we are talking about SUPERFOODS! And beware we do not think that there is one food that cures all so hold on to your blueberries and buckle up for another entertaining yet educational podcast!

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Let’s dive in!


Pearl & Sassy

Show Notes:



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  1. Thousand Islands: Visit
  2. Maryland Style Crabs: Basic Steamed Blue Crab
  3. Old Bay Seasoning
  4. Horseshoe Casino
  5. Johnny Sanchez
  6. PYO (Pick Your Own) Vegetables/Fruit: Pick Your Own
  7. In Season Fruits/Vegetables
  8. Tea
    1. Tazo: Refresh Mint
    2. Yogi: Perfect Energy
  9. Spices
    1. McCormick Science Institute
    2. Health benefits of herbs and spices
  10. Sardines: Wild Planet
  11. Eggs: Organic, Cage-Free, Free-Range or Pastured…Sorting Through the Confusion on Egg Labels
  12. Tessamae’s Dressings & Condiments