Team Nutrition Genius Invades Rochester!

Sassy and I have a hard time not talking. Our non-stop communication typically starts as soon as we roll out of bed. Seriously. Before 6:45 am last Friday morning Sassy and I were talking and we realized something wonderful- we were both free for the weekend. In a shocking turn of events that never happens to us we made the spontaneous decision to get together. Yes that’s right. Team Nutrition Genius invaded Rochester to bring you guys ALL the content. She got to Rochester Friday evening and of course our first order of business was eating so we went to Salina’s Mexican Restaurant at the Village Gate. We munched on some (gluten-free) corn tortilla chips with salsa (of course we asked for extra guacamole too) and had a delicious meal of chicken tacos and a lime shrimp salad.

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Merry Minty Mocha

Pearl and Sassy enjoying their Merry Minty Mochas in Rochester, NY!
Pearl and Sassy enjoying their Merry Minty Mochas in Rochester, NY!

Merry Minty Holidays Friends!

Team Nutrition Genius wants to spread the Holiday Cheer and with that cheer should come YOUR health and happiness. While we hope we make you happy we KNOW we can make you healthy! Don’t believe us? Check out the recipe below (and more to follow this holiday season) and check out our last blog post and podcast where we help you prevent colds and the flu this season!

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