Bone Broth Bonanza

Have you been following the newest craze in “health” foods? Have you switched your coffee for a more comforting cup in the morning? Or maybe you have been listening to Pearl and I gush about what we drink on a daily basis on Nutrition Genius Radio. Have no idea what I am referring to?!

BONE BROTH!!! It’s the newest but oldest craze around 🙂 Our ancestors ate what we call “nose to tail” in that they did not waste a single part of the animal they hunted as they respected the animal they killed and did not know when the next available food source was coming. The bones and organs were some of the most PRIZED possessions of said animal, shocked? Don’t be! The bones and organs are where most of the REALLY AWESOME nutrients lie.  Read on to find out WHY bone broth is SO healing (and not to mention delicious), and you will be rewarded with a SIMPLE recipe or for those a little squeamish, places to buy it! Also hang on for some FAQs on Bone Broth coming your way soon!

So sit back, relax and drink up (your bone broth) buttercups!

Pearl & Sassy sharing some afternoon BONE BROTH 🙂


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