#52 Nutrition Genius Radio Turns 1!


Can you believe it?

In April 2014 Sassy helped Dietitian Cassie co-host episode #108 of the podcast Low Carb Conversations after which she immediately called Pearl and said “we need to start our own podcast.” Since Pearl loves talking she of course immediately agreed to Sassy’s scheming and together we set to work on figuring out how one even starts a podcast.

Shocker, we made it more complicated than it needed to be.

BUT! After all the ideas, the re-recorded episodes, and Sassy curse word cover ups, on August 7th 2014 Episode #1 #Twinning made it’s debut on……. YouTube?

Yep, that’s right. We were so technology challenged it took us months to get on iTunes and Stitcher.

We were totally hated on for our stick figure graphics (they are hilarious and we are super proud of them) but who cares. Then, in a blur, were we on iTunes and Stitcher and the stick figure graphics were no more. Shortly after we hit iTunes we got a big unexpected surprise. We made it to #1 on the iTunes Fitness and Nutrition New and Noteworthy list.


We can still remember that moment so clearly. We were actually on a call together and one of us pulled up iTunes to check our status in the rankings. There was a lot of screaming involved.

Nutrition Genius Radio is our baby. It’s something we have put our heart and soul into. As two dietitians endorsing a different message (not that ‘eat real food’ should be different) it opened us up to criticism from others in our profession. Not only that, the personal touch and humor we add to it left us vulnerable to criticism on both a personal and professional level. But we don’t care. What we care about is providing you with evidence based nutrition information in an entertaining format. Or, edutaining, as Sassy would say. We care about spreading the message that real food is the way to health and longevity. We do this because we want to help you. It may sound crazy but…

We want you to put us out of business.

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We want you to be so knowledgeable about what you eat and the way you live that you don’t need us. We want you to rock your sleep, stress management, and food choices so much that we don’t have jobs because what we care about is a healthier tomorrow.

But we need your help to get there.

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Speaking of technology and iTunes, we now have 57 (all 5-star) reviews, THANK YOU, your kind and fun words give us chills and we could not be more appreciative to all of you!

Thank you to sacooper5 for this week’s 5 star review!!Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.18.21 PM

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#30 Inflammation…What Is It Good For?


What is Inflammation?

Ever wonder what Pearl & Sassy are talking about when they say the word Inflammation?!! Have no fear today Team Nutrition Genius back tracks and explains inflammation once and for all. Today we will teach you about inflammation, what it is good for and why we need to get rid of MOST of it!  We will give you the science (Pearl-style) and break it down to human terms (Sassy-style) to help you reach your inflammation happy medium. Find out what foods we recommend you increase and what foods to kick to the curb. Remember to JUST EAT REAL FOOD 🙂

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#13: Sports Nutrition Supplementing Like A Champ (Part 1)


PROTEIN POWDER, MUSCLE MILK, HGH! Supplements you need to get #madgainzzz right?! WRONG-O. No worries, mate. This week Pearl and Sassy continue the Sports Nutrition Series with Supplements- Part One.

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Show Notes:
Sassy’s BAE-BAE Muffins
Sassy’s Allergen-Free Menu
Pearl on Tailgating Nutrition
Jimmy Fallon Ew Video
Ben Greenfield Fitness Review 
Dear Darla Video
Marcel The Shell With Shoes on Part 3
Sports Nutrition Podcast Series- Sports Nutrition 101Pre-WorkoutPost-Workout
Word of the DayErgogenic
John Oliver on Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements
Episode 4: Protein and Protein Powders
Protein Powders (if you fit our criteria) Great Lakes Gelatin, Raw Organic Whey, NOW Foods Egg White Protein

“Body building requires unnatural means for unnatural results.” –Ben Greenfield

Bars (NOT a meal replacement) Larabars, Steve’s Paleo Bar, Simple Squares, Clif- Kit’s Organic
Gels (fat based, no vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners) GU, Artisana, Huma, Justin’s Nut Butter, Pocket Fuel, Vespa, V-fuel, Chia Surge, Win force, Hammer Gel, Yum Butter, etc.
Calcium supplement for ammenoric individuals
Natural Calm Magnesium
Vitamin D Supplements we like: Metagenics, Thorne

Laura’s Takeaway: Take one Epsom salt bath per week!
Marie’s Takeaway: Calcium and vitamin D from raw, organic dairy and bone in sardines!

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