#31 Nutrition in the News

Nutrition in the News

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Coconut Oil (Q&A #13)

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Coconut Oil

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This week’s question is about coconut oil! Do we recommend it? Why? What Brands?

Dear Nutrition Geniuses,

What brand of coconut oil should I buy? – Kim L

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Show Notes

Fatty acid profile of various fats and oils

Wellness Mama’s 101 Uses for Coconut Oil




Carrington Farms

Tropical Traditions

Nutrition Geniuses… OUT!

Asparagus Pee (Q&A #11)


Asparagus and the Funky Smell!

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This week’s question is about asparagus and why it makes your trip the bathroom smelly!

Dear Nutrition Geniuses,

I LOVE asparagus but avoid it because it makes my pee smell! Is this normal? Are my kidneys dying? I am pearlplexed and don’t want anyone to sass me for stinking up the office restroom! Help!

-Brittany C.

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#21 Evil Vegetable Oils


:Are vegetable oils good for you? Do they cause or prevent inflammation? When and why did vegetable oils become a thing? Find out the answers to all of these questions plus hear what happened when Sassy came to visit Rochester.

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#18 Gluten Free Extravaganza

Photo on 9-29-14 at 6_FotorGluten Free has become the latest diet craze out there but going gluten free can be confusing! Sassy and Pearl are here to tell you what gluten is and why you should probably kick it out of your diet…and no you cannot replace it with all the gluten-free foods that are JUST AS BAD FOR YOU. Instead JUST EAT REAL FOOD! So take a listen and Give it a Gluten-Free!

 “It’s hard to recognize you have brain fog if you live in a constant state of brain fog!”-Pearl

Note: check the show notes for a FREE handout and RESOURCES GALORE!!

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#16: Popular Fad Diets De-bunked

Atkins, Zone and Paleo, OH MY! Sassy & Pearl are back to help you navigate your way through diets galore. Remember when you go ON a diet you will most likely go OFF of it, so stick to a REAL FOOD lifestyle 🙂

Let’s Dive In!

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Sassy & Pearl Make Room for Clarity

Are you a Sassy & Pearl fan? Do you start a dance party every time a new episode of Nutrition Genius Radio is posted?!  Well then you are in luck this week! We were asked to be guests this week on a fabulous new podcast called “Make Room for Clarity” with Rick Woods aka The Functional Organizer and we had an absolute blast!

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#13: Sports Nutrition Supplementing Like A Champ (Part 1)


PROTEIN POWDER, MUSCLE MILK, HGH! Supplements you need to get #madgainzzz right?! WRONG-O. No worries, mate. This week Pearl and Sassy continue the Sports Nutrition Series with Supplements- Part One.

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Let’s Dive In!
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Show Notes:
Sassy’s BAE-BAE Muffins
Sassy’s Allergen-Free Menu
Pearl on Tailgating Nutrition
Jimmy Fallon Ew Video
Ben Greenfield Fitness Review 
Dear Darla Video
Marcel The Shell With Shoes on Part 3
Sports Nutrition Podcast Series- Sports Nutrition 101Pre-WorkoutPost-Workout
Word of the DayErgogenic
John Oliver on Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements
Episode 4: Protein and Protein Powders
Protein Powders (if you fit our criteria) Great Lakes Gelatin, Raw Organic Whey, NOW Foods Egg White Protein

“Body building requires unnatural means for unnatural results.” –Ben Greenfield

Bars (NOT a meal replacement) Larabars, Steve’s Paleo Bar, Simple Squares, Clif- Kit’s Organic
Gels (fat based, no vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners) GU, Artisana, Huma, Justin’s Nut Butter, Pocket Fuel, Vespa, V-fuel, Chia Surge, Win force, Hammer Gel, Yum Butter, etc.
Calcium supplement for ammenoric individuals
Natural Calm Magnesium
Vitamin D Supplements we like: Metagenics, Thorne

Laura’s Takeaway: Take one Epsom salt bath per week!
Marie’s Takeaway: Calcium and vitamin D from raw, organic dairy and bone in sardines!

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#12: Sports Nutrition Post-Workout

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.32.02 AM
Starting off #NutritionGeniusRadio with Jimmy Fallon & Will.I.Am’s Ew! Video
Drop down and give us 10!
We are back with our Sports Nutrition Series and today we discuss Post-Workout Nutrition and why REAL FOOD wins every time. #MADgainzzzson
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Post-Workout Nutrition
Step 1: Consider your workout, time of day, goals, body type and current diet
Step 2:  What fuel do you need post workout? Hint: Real Food
Step 3: When should you eat? 
Step 4:  Ok so what do I eat?  (Nutrient Density > Calorie Density) 
Word of the Day:
“Sassy and I are not mythomanes because we give you accurate nutrition info!” – Pearl
Pearls 3 Things To Avoid:
1. Artificial Colors
2. Artificial Sweeteners
3. Anything Labeled for a Vegan
Sassy’s 3 Things to Avoid
1. Vegetable Oils
2. Artificial Sweeteners/Flavors
3.  Artificial Colors
“If you can get the same results with a better diet that can promote health and longevity then why wouldn’t you?” – Sassy
Let’s Dive In!
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Show Notes:
Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song: Fly Eagles Fly
Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market
 Philadelphia’s South 9th Street Italian Market
Coming Soon! Adventures of Sassy & Pearl Harvest Edition Cookbook (Subscribe)
Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA
Prancersize A Youtube Fitness Tutorial
Past NGR Sports Nutrition Podcasts: 1 and 2
Ben Greenfield: Sitting Podcast
Biggie: Hypnotize
Workout of the Day (aka “WOD”)
 Research on Post Workout Nutrition
How I Met Your Mother Ted/Marshall/Lily Video
Dare To Be Different: Black Sheep Athletics
Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Mind, Primal Body
Vermont Traditional Foods and Health Symposium: YouTube Lectures
Post Workout Research: More Info
Homemade E-lyte Drink:
Gatorade aka Hatorade
Real Food Smoothies:
Magnesium: Epsom Salts, Topical Lotion/Spray, Powder

*Our recommendations have changed since this posting. You can find new fish oil supplement recommendations here and here.

For our How I Met Your Mother Fans…JJ is the Ted to our Marshall and Lily 🙂
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