Maple Sweet Potato Goodness


My love of Maple Syrup has developed over the past few years since moving to Upstate New York. I do not know much about how many maple trees are in the area but I know enough to know that Upstate NY along with New England and Vermont make a TON of maple syrup! JJ and I were driving home from Stratton, Vermont one day when  I made JJ stop abruptly and pull over when I saw a  farmer selling maple syrup and honey on the side of the road (good thing there was no one else around!) Continue reading “Maple Sweet Potato Goodness”

#17: Sugar, Honey, Honey!


Sugar and other sweeteners are hiding everywhere on labels these days and companies just keep coming up with new names and ways to trick us into eating massive quantities of this health-wrecking nonsense. Da da da daaaa Pearl and Sassy to the rescue! We will explain the differences between sugar, natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols and let you in on some Pearl and Sassy approved sweeteners! BONUS! Scroll down to the show notes and find a printable handout so you can identify these sugars and other mutants wherever you go!

Continue reading “#17: Sugar, Honey, Honey!”