#10: Q&A: Chia Seeds, Health Resources, Jerky and More!


Welcome Back to another episode of Nutrition Genius Radio!

You do NOT want to miss this episode! We dish on our new business venture that will bring you SO much nutrition genius info, recipes, etc. We also answer YOUR questions! So tune in and enjoy!

Let’s dive in!

Show Notes:



Instagram: Pearl & Sassy

  1. Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont
  2. Weston A. Price
  3. The Vermont Traditional Foods and Health Symposium
  4. Instagram Pictures: @PearlONutrition & @TheSassyRD
  5. Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT “Primal Mind, Primal Body”
  6. Ben Greenfield Fitness 
  7. Spartan Race
  8. NEW business –> Team Nutrition Genius
  9. Jimmy Fallon #hashtag
  10. Nutrition Genius Radio Sports Nutrition Series
  11. Chia Seeds
    1. Coconut Pudding
    2. Overnight Coffee Chia Pudding
    3. Busy Athletes
  12. Resources
    1. US!
      1. Laura: www.thesassydietitian.com
      2. Marie: www.pearlsofnutrition.com
      3. Coming Soon: Team Nutrition Genius
    2. Blogs
      1. Ben Greenfield
      2. Chris Kresser
      3. Robb Wolf
      4. Weston A. Price
      5. Mark Sisson
      6. Daniel Vitalis
      7. David Wolfe
      8. Denise Minger
    3. Books
      1. Food Rules by Dr. Cate Shanhan
      2. It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig
      3. In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
      4. Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger
      5. Rich Food, Poor Food by Jayson and Mira Calton
  13. Jerky
    1. DIY Recipes
      1. Oven
      2. Dehydrator (Buy one!)
    2. Favorite Brands:
      1. In Store: Krave, some ObertoThe New Primal, Trader Joe’s
      2. Online: US Wellness Meats, Steve’s Paleo Goods
    3. Where to find MSG on labels
  14. Healthy Living Market in Saratoga Springs, NY
  15. Ghee
    1. Recipe
    2. Brands: Pure Indian FarmsPurity Farms
  16. Potatoes
    1. Recipe
    2. Resistant Starch