Spaghetti Squash Alla Carbonara

Hold the Spaghetti, Add the Squash??


You may not know it by my married last name but if you knew me before, you know I am pretty Italian as they come! When my mom (also a Celiac) sent me THIS recipe asking for me to re-create it (allergen free) I jumped for joy at the opportunity. Now, some of you may say that my interpretation is not doing the Italians justice but if you have digestive and health issues you will understand that sometimes we have to be lax on the interpretation of the recipe and make it both delicious and nutritious without harming our bodies. Continue reading “Spaghetti Squash Alla Carbonara”

Sassy Biscotti (Gluten Free)

photo 3

I (Sassy) got my start in the kitchen when I was little…but i pretty much just made a mess and enjoyed Mama A’s delicious food 🙂 When my friend Alex (pictured below) and I needed to do a friendship related project for school our freshman year (we’ve known each other since we danced together, but only became friends after this project) …and chocolate chip cookies were needed I decided I enjoyed baking! The project went something like the cookie is your world and the chips are your friends? All I know is cookies were involved I was hooked on baking and Alex and I have been BFFs ever since! Continue reading “Sassy Biscotti (Gluten Free)”