Feliz Cinco De Mayo! TWO RECIPES for you!

Cinco De Mayo Recipes from Team Nutrition Genius

This is probably one of our favorite holidays here at Team Nutrition Genius for two reasons… tacos and tequila.


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Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Muffins

Easy & Delicious Meatloaf Recipe….and BACON!

IMG_3703A little Throwback Thursday with these bacon wrapped meatloaf muffins! These meatloaf muffins are easy to make and DELICIOUS to eat. Best part? Bacon…ok but really the best part is that you can cut up ALL the veggies and sneak them in there without having to hold your nose 🙂 Well if you are holding your nose while eating veggies then we may need to chat…because veggies are delicious!

I recommend looking for a great source for your beef as well. Grass-fed (and finished) beef is the best kind because not only is it LOADED with nutritients and anti-inflammatory compounds but it also most likely means that the farmer truly cared enough about the animal to make sure it was living a good, happy and health life 🙂 Check out what Diana Rodger’s ( a past podcast guest) has to say about the sustainability of food and meat!

Check out EatWild.org for farms near you OR go to a local farmers market or farm and start talking to your farmer, if they are proud of their product then they will gladly tell you how they raise their cattle!

Alright, time to get cooking, you can make these without bacon and they are just as tasty and feel free to chop and add any other vegetables that happen to be in your kitchen!

Guess what? This recipe was featured in Albany’s Times Union! Enjoy!

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Muffins

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Muffins


  • 1 lb. grass-fed ground beef
  • 1 small sweet onion, diced
  • 3 baby bella mushrooms, diced
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 Tbsp tomato paste
  • 2 tsp. oregano
  • 2 tsp. garlic
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
  • 12 strips pastured bacon
  • Coconut oil, to grease muffin tin


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F
  2. Grease muffin tin with coconut oil to prevent sticking
  3. In a medium bowl, mix ground beef, onion, mushroom, egg, tomato paste, oregano, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper
  4. Line each muffin cup with 1 slice of bacon
  5. Fill each muffin cup with 1/12 of meat mixture, press down
  6. Bake for 30 minutes or until each muffin reaches and internal temperature of 160°F



#30 Inflammation…What Is It Good For?


What is Inflammation?

Ever wonder what Pearl & Sassy are talking about when they say the word Inflammation?!! Have no fear today Team Nutrition Genius back tracks and explains inflammation once and for all. Today we will teach you about inflammation, what it is good for and why we need to get rid of MOST of it!  We will give you the science (Pearl-style) and break it down to human terms (Sassy-style) to help you reach your inflammation happy medium. Find out what foods we recommend you increase and what foods to kick to the curb. Remember to JUST EAT REAL FOOD 🙂

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Be Mine Minty Brownies

Be Mine?!

Did you know we LOVE you!!! That’s right, we LOVE YOU our family, friends and followers so this one is for you <3












Alright so a Hallmark holiday is fast approaching and over here at Team Nutrition Genius we wanted to give you something sweet (but not too sweet) to give to your sweetheart (or just make for yourself…we won’t judge!) We love chocolate and chocolatey goodness but we are not fans of BOXED mixes, EW! so here is a simple recipe of minty brownies that we hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Be Mine Minty Brownies”

#8: Check In w/Sassy & Pearl

Welcome back to another entertaining episode of Nutrition Genius Radio! This week we are just checking in with YOU our listeners and we want to hear from you! But do not worry we still made sure to add some of nutrition genius knowledge in there for you!

Send us your questions and we will answer them on our podcast! They can be personal & anonymous or simple and straight forward! No nutrition question is too small!

Let’s dive in!

Because we don't take ourselves to seriously. #twinning
Because we don’t take ourselves to seriously. #twinning



Pearl & Sassy

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#2: Friends of Fat

Welcome back! Today Marie and I discuss our love of fat (in food) and why you should too! Join in for some knowledge, laughter and bacon wrapped avocado (if only we could feed you through this podcast!)

Because we don't take ourselves to seriously. #twinning
Because we don’t take ourselves to seriously. #twinning


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Next week we tackle Carbohydrates!


Sassy D. and Pearl O.

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Dr. Cate Shanahan: http://www.drcate.com

How Canola Oil is Made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omjWmLG0EAs

Eat Wild (local food):  http://www.eatwild.com

Niman Ranch: http://store.nimanranch.com

US Wellness Meats: http://www.grasslandbeef.com/StoreFront.bok

Bos Creek: http://www.theboscreek.com/#home