Bulletproof Coffee? (Q&A#19)

Not quite bulletproof…but we love our Merry Minty Mocha!

Bulletproof or Not So Much?

Have you heard the latest craze of putting oil and fat in your coffee that is known as Bulletproof Coffee? Ever wonder if it’s #pearlandsassyapproved ? Well wonder no more friends! Sassy & Pearl break down the coffee drink for you and let you know if you should be drinking it or  not. Enjoy!

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Today’s Question:

Bulletproof Coffee from Ashley F:

So is bulletproof coffee ‪#‎sassyapproved‬?

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Show Notes:

Kao Jai Coffee Podcast

Dave Asprey The Bulletproof Exec

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

#27 Top 10 Food Shopping Tips


Food Shopping 101

Are you excited about switching to the Real Food lifestyle but worried about where to start?! Check out this week’s episode to learn how to make food shopping easy and Sassy-Pearl-ified with our top 10 tips and trick!

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#22 Farm To School w/ Guest Sarah Johnson, MPH

1621878_10100378381198059_6539568372725307840_nAre you a fan of Farm To Table? How about Farm To School? We sure are! Today we have a special guest Sarah Johnson so takes us through what Farm To School is and how WE can help the movement and get better connected with our food and our farmers!

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Bone Broth Bonanza

Have you been following the newest craze in “health” foods? Have you switched your coffee for a more comforting cup in the morning? Or maybe you have been listening to Pearl and I gush about what we drink on a daily basis on Nutrition Genius Radio. Have no idea what I am referring to?!

BONE BROTH!!! It’s the newest but oldest craze around 🙂 Our ancestors ate what we call “nose to tail” in that they did not waste a single part of the animal they hunted as they respected the animal they killed and did not know when the next available food source was coming. The bones and organs were some of the most PRIZED possessions of said animal, shocked? Don’t be! The bones and organs are where most of the REALLY AWESOME nutrients lie.  Read on to find out WHY bone broth is SO healing (and not to mention delicious), and you will be rewarded with a SIMPLE recipe or for those a little squeamish, places to buy it! Also hang on for some FAQs on Bone Broth coming your way soon!

So sit back, relax and drink up (your bone broth) buttercups!

Pearl & Sassy sharing some afternoon BONE BROTH 🙂


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Truth or Dair(y)?

I dair(y) you to give up dairy for 1 month…30 days…you can do anything for that long, come on give it a shot! I double cow dair(y) you! But first, let me give you the truth.

  1. Cow’s milk is not essential for humans’ growth or survival.
  2. Conventional cow’s milk is contaminated with hormones, pesticides and more, and
  3. Calcium and Vitamin D are found in many other non-dairy sources

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#7: Do You Dair(y)?


Welcome back to another entertaining yet educational episode of Nutrition Genius Radio! We are going to skim the surface of milk and dairy in this episode (pun most definitely intended) and let you decide whether you should consume the controversial food or not!

We Dair(y) you to listen! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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Let’s dive in!


Pearl & Sassy

Show Notes:



Instagram: Pearl & Sassy

1. Word of the day- Imbibe
3. Explanation of the different types of pasteurization- YouTube
6. Honest Weight Food Co-Op in Albany, NY
9. Sassy’s blog on diary
10. Pearl’s blog on dairy

#4: Where’s The (Grass-Fed) Beef #SwoleMates and all things Protein


Ever wonder if you are eating too much protein? Sick and tired of hearing about protein powders? Want to know how to be a #swolemate?

Tune in this week to hear about all the above AND what all of Marie’s ex-meathead-boyfriends are asking about protein!

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Let’s Dive In!

Show Notes



Instagram: Pearl & Sassy

Protein Powders (IF you fit our criteria!)

–       Great Lakes Gelatin

–       Raw Organic Whey

–       NOW Foods Egg White Protein

Quality of protein/meat: http://www.thepaleomom.com/2012/06/if-i-cant-always-afford-grass-fed-beef.html

Find local meat/farms:

–       Eat Wild: http://www.eatwild.com

–       Local Harvest: http://www.localharvest.org

Denise Minger (Critique of China Study): http://rawfoodsos.com/category/china-study/

Dr. Cate Shanahan: http://www.drcate.com

#2: Friends of Fat

Welcome back! Today Marie and I discuss our love of fat (in food) and why you should too! Join in for some knowledge, laughter and bacon wrapped avocado (if only we could feed you through this podcast!)

Because we don't take ourselves to seriously. #twinning
Because we don’t take ourselves to seriously. #twinning


We hope you enjoy! Leave us a note in the comments and let us know what you want to hear about next!

Next week we tackle Carbohydrates!


Sassy D. and Pearl O.

Show Notes:



Instagram: Pearl & Sassy

Dr. Cate Shanahan: http://www.drcate.com

How Canola Oil is Made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omjWmLG0EAs

Eat Wild (local food):  http://www.eatwild.com

Niman Ranch: http://store.nimanranch.com

US Wellness Meats: http://www.grasslandbeef.com/StoreFront.bok

Bos Creek: http://www.theboscreek.com/#home