Genetically Modified Organisms

Hokay before you read this post you MUST watch this YouTube video-

Isn’t she adorable? Hand in hand with what she said, I heard an excellent analogy today: “I don’t care how ‘moderately’ you put kerosene in your gas tank… eventually your car will break down.” Amazing. I am so sick of the phrase “everything is fine in moderation.” Is cutting yourself fine in moderation? Heroine? You may think I’m being dramatic here but each time you put crappy food in your body you’re inflicting harm upon yourself. The difference with food versus other drugs of abuse and abusive behaviors is that with food we don’t immediately see the results of our inflicted harm. Stop punching yourself in the face with bad food.

We don’t like to flat out tell you guys “don’t eat that.” That’s annoying. We like to tell you things to ADD to your diet so that it eventually crowds out all the bad stuff. The thing is, GMOs and the processed foods they are in aren’t real food, they are chemicals and frankenfood. Continue reading “Genetically Modified Organisms”