Garlic is without a doubt my [Pearl] go-to cooking addition. The more garlic the better, breath be dammed #lifeofasingledietitian. Ha. I think part of the reason I love garlic so much, beyond it’s tantalizing aroma and the fact that butter and garlic will bring about world peace, is that there is some science behind cooking garlic and how to achieve the best flavor. Continue reading “Garlic”


Ahhh Pearl’s favorite mineral! Though¬†this guy is only needed in small amounts it packs an enormous punch in the body. Selenium’s primary role is as a component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

Pearl say whaaaaaaaat? Continue reading “Selenium”

#9: Sports Nutrition 101

Sports Nutrition 101

Welcome back to another episode of Nutrition Genius Radio! As promised we are starting a Sports Nutrition series on our podcast for all levels of athletes. There is no one size fits all diet and there is no one size fits athlete!

Confused on what you should be eating to fuel your performance? Have no fear your nutrition genius’ Pearl and Sassy are here to save the day! Today we are starting with the basics and will build on them as we go…for the athlete in all of us ūüôā

Leave your questions to hear us answer them on an upcoming Podcast!

Let’s Dive In!


Team Nutrition Genius

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