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Laura & Marie are currently accepting NEW and past clients for 2015. Check out our packages below and CONTACT US to set up an appointment or ask us questions!

Specialities Include:
Weight Management, Athletic Performance/Sports Nutrition, Real Food Nutrition, Food Allergies, Intolerances, and Sensitivities including Celiac/Gluten Intolerance, Digestive Disorders including IBS/IBD, Crohn’s, and Ulcerative Colitis, Autoimmune Conditions, Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Blood Pressure Control, Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition/Health, Workplace Wellness, Eating Disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) (Marie Only), Wedding Wellness (Laura Only)

Nutrition Genius Total Health Makeover

Is your oven used for storage instead of cooking? Are you lost and overwhelmed when you walk into the grocery store? Do you have a diagnosed health condition you want to combat with a new, healthy lifestyle? These packages are for you! 

New client– 60 minute assessment + email support- $200
We will take this time to get to know you as a person and what your nutrition and health goals are by assessing your individualized dietary and lifestyle needs. We will also provide you with nutrition counseling and education as we see fit based on YOUR needs. This is a time for you to ask questions and set goals to start on your own unique health journey. Check out our Services for more information.
Follow-Ups -30 minutes- (discount available for multiple follow ups)- $100
These appointments are important to help keep you focused and to help you reach your health and nutrition goals. We want you to be successful and are here to support you through it, educate you and help you set up attainable goals.
Weekly phone check-ins-15 minutes- (current clients only)- $120/month
Accountability fosters success and we know that! Schedule weekly check ins to ensure you get your questions answered and get the support you need to reach your health and nutrition goals.
Initial Full Nutrition Assessment + bi-weekly follow ups + email support- $400/month
Sample Meal Plans with Recipes
(1 Week)- $200
We will keep your personal preferences in mind to create a 7 day meal plan that suits the needs of you and your family.

Contact us TODAY to set up an appointment.

Nutrition Genius Reset

Do you listen to Nutrition Genius Radio regularly, cook for yourself frequently and never miss a Team Nutrition Genius Newsletter? Still have a few questions and need extra guidance in some areas? These services are for you!

Brief initial consultation-30 minutes- $100
Sample Meal Plans with Recipes (1 Week)- $200
Weekly phone check-ins-15 minutes- (current clients only)- $120/month

Contact us TODAY to set up an appointment.

A Cooking Adventure with Sassy & Pearl

Do you enjoy cooking with your friends? Think having Sassy and Pearl in your kitchen sounds like a blast? Want to learn how to cook a Team Nutrition Genius-approved meal? This package is perfect for an evening in with your girlfriends and includes menu development, grocery store food selection, and a cooking class taught in your own home by Sassy and Pearl themselves.

Contact us for pricing and for more information. (Available in Upstate New York only!)

Workplace Wellness Programs

Perfect for a workplace looking to increase productivity and decrease insurance-related costs. 

6 Weeks to Wellness Program: including 1 initial workplace wellness seminar and materials + weekly check-ins for participants- $200/person

Contact Us for more information for your customized workplace wellness program or event.

Seminars, Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Tired of dry nutrition lectures no one can make it through? No worries, Pearl and Sassy do NOT skimp on the entertainment as they provide you with practical REAL FOOD information. Seminars and workshops can be developed based on the needs of your company or group. 

Package 1: 1 hour seminar of your choice- $300
Package 2: 1.5 hour seminar of your choice- $450

Contact Us for your customized seminar or workshop!

Coming Soon!

Nutrition Student Mentor Program
Wedding Packages
Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation Packages
…and more!

We do not currently directly accept insurance, but we can provide you with a receipt/invoice to submit for reimbursement.  Please check with your individual plan to determine coverage.

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