22 Random Acts of Kindness

kindnessOn March 28th I will be completing 22 random acts of kindness in the Rochester New York area and I am asking you to join me in your respective area of the country and complete your own random acts of kindness. None of these things have to be expensive or incredibly time consuming, they just have to be kind. And lets be honest, the world could always use more kindness, no matter where you are.

If you happen to be in Rochester and would like to join me for 1 or all 22 acts, I would love to have you! No matter how many acts you can complete please, please, please help us spread some love on March 28th. Even joining us for 1 act will be so appreciated. Leave a message in the comments section letting us know if you plan on joining us and what you plan to do! Our list is below…

1. Make chili for local firehouse
2. Donate blood
3. Buy coffee for person behind in line
4. Help someone with their groceries
5. Leave inspirational message on 22 cars in a parking lot
6. Donate clothes
7. Visit and animal shelter (with treats!)
8. Leave quarters on parking meters/laundry machines
9. Volunteer at soup kitchen or food bank
10. Bring apples/oranges to police station
11. Visit a nursing home and bring flowers to the residents
12. Leave thank you notes on cars at local VA
13. Call a friend who needs someone to listen
14. Call parents/grandparents to say thank you and I love you
15. Shovel a driveway/mow a lawn/rake leaves
16. Give a homeless person a hot meal
17. Deliver canned goods to a food bank
18. Send a hand-written thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past
19. Send a card to a friend just because
20. Buy lottery ticket for a stranger
21. Invite a new person to join the fun
22. Buy a drink for a stranger.

Please help me show this girl her kindness has made an incredible impact on this world. If you will be participating on March 28th please join our Facebook Event and share with your friends so we can spread the love further!!

Belizean Adventures Part 3

Yeah, yeah. The end of my Belizean Adventures is LONG overdue but lucky for you I saved the best and tastiest part for last. In Part 1 we talked about real food airport style and the first week in Belize. Part 2 consisted of Guatemalan adventures and some really amazeballs curried pescada fresca.

At this point in the adventure I am all rested up from enjoying my coffee with view and hammock time so clearly I needed to relocate again. We headed back to San Ignacio so we could stop at the farmers market one more time then continued on alllllll the way back to the eastern coast. We landed in the chill little beach town of Hopkins, Belize where we watched the sunset at the Kismet Inn.

IMG_20150115_173730279_HDRThe Kismet is run by Tricia, an ex-New Yorker who just couldn’t get enough of Belize. She is hilarious, crazy, and a phenomenal cook. She loved my sandals so much she tried them on and wanted to buy them off of me but they were too small for her (I have little elf-sized feet). Instead, she let us stay for free our first night if I promised to buy her a pair when I got home and ship them to her. I love the trust you have to have in others when you backpack. I have yet to be disappointed by these strangers and have been helped so many times by others in my travels that I made sure to fulfill my promise when I got home. Continue reading “Belizean Adventures Part 3”

Guatemala and Belizean Adventures Part 2

Are you ready to hear more about my adventures in Belize and Guatemala?! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go back and read Part 1.

Ready? Hokay! So I left you off with my exploration of the Mayan ruins of Caracol…


Well the next day we were supposed to do some cave exploration but sadly it rained so much the day before the cave flooded and was closed! I wasn’t going to let it (literally) rain on my parade so I sat outside a cafe in San Ignacio and enjoyed a coffee and the view.

coffee Continue reading “Guatemala and Belizean Adventures Part 2”

Pearlplexed Packing & Belizean Daily Dish Part 1

Confession: I, Pearl, have commitment issues. In pretty much every area of my life. Once, my aunt asked me if I wanted to buy season tickets to the off-Broadway theatre we frequently went to. I started to sweat. Heart palpitations. That meant staying in the Albany area for another year. Never mind the fact that I was still in school and was going to be living there for that. I couldn’t do it. I panicked. Told her I couldn’t do it. I know I’m crazy, you don’t have to tell me twice.

Anywho, my commitment issues cause me to be an extreme over-packer. The clothes are what used to trip me up. How am I supposed to commit to one outfit I will be wearing a week from now? What if the weather is bad? Or my shoes don’t match? I once brought 4 coats for a 4 day weekend home from college. Backpacking has certainly helped this because I’m limited to what I can carry on my back in addition to my toiletries, towel, first aid kit, and necessities like a knife, lighter and my lucky twine. Yes, I have lucky twine. I’ve had it since my junior year in college and I bring it on every trip with me. I have yet to actually need it but because it’s been on so many trips with me I’m terrified to go anywhere without it.

twine Continue reading “Pearlplexed Packing & Belizean Daily Dish Part 1”

TNG Last Minute GIFT Idea!

Wondering what to get your FAVORITE family member, friend, co-worker or stranger this Holiday Gift Season as you sip on your Merry Minty Mocha?!


WONDER NO MORE!!! We have the most wonderful idea for you…and we hope you find this helpful and think the recipient will be so delighted!!! Continue reading “TNG Last Minute GIFT Idea!”

Team Nutrition Genius Invades Rochester!

Sassy and I have a hard time not talking. Our non-stop communication typically starts as soon as we roll out of bed. Seriously. Before 6:45 am last Friday morning Sassy and I were talking and we realized something wonderful- we were both free for the weekend. In a shocking turn of events that never happens to us we made the spontaneous decision to get together. Yes that’s right. Team Nutrition Genius invaded Rochester to bring you guys ALL the content. She got to Rochester Friday evening and of course our first order of business was eating so we went to Salina’s Mexican Restaurant at the Village Gate. We munched on some (gluten-free) corn tortilla chips with salsa (of course we asked for extra guacamole too) and had a delicious meal of chicken tacos and a lime shrimp salad.

IMG_4435 Continue reading “Team Nutrition Genius Invades Rochester!”