#25 Blame it on the ALCOHOL

Wondering how alcohol can fit into your Real Food diet? Today on Episode #25 of Nutrition Genius Radio we cover what alcohol is, what it does in your body, what kinds to drink, and how much. Leave a comment and let us know what you have been drinking (or not drinking)! SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A … Continue reading “#25 Blame it on the ALCOHOL”

#24 Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Soda is a bad idea, you’re bored of water, what to drink?! Today we give you the pros and cons of various non-alcoholic beverages and a rating on the Pearl & Sassy scale of approval. SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A REVIEW, we’ll love you forever!!! –> iTunes and Stitcher Don’t forget to hashtag #AdventuresofSassyandPearl and #NutritionGeniusRadio while you are listening  http://media.blubrry.com/nutritiongeniusradio/p/teamnutritiongenius.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/NGR_Episode24.1.1.mp3Podcast: Play in … Continue reading “#24 Non-Alcoholic Beverages”

#69 Nutrition & Mental Health

Nutrition & Mental Health Did you know approximately every 1 in 5 adults have been diagnosed with a mental illness? So this week Nutrition Genius Radio brings you an episode about mental health & nutrition. We touch on the statistics, some of the most common mental health illnesses, how to maintain or improve mental health (whether … Continue reading “#69 Nutrition & Mental Health”

Friday Shout Outs #8

Thank Goodness it’s Friday! I started this shout outs segment because it gives me an outlet to place all of my recommendations and resources. People ask me all the time what i read, listen to, go to for references and buy so why not let the world know here? I would love to hear from … Continue reading “Friday Shout Outs #8”

#53 What To Say When…

What To Say When… If you’re making awesome changes in your life, you might be catching flack from some haters (haters gonna hate while sippin’ on their haterade), so we want you to be knowledgable and know how to respond. Nutrition and food can be very personal to people, so it is important to keep … Continue reading “#53 What To Say When…”

How To Be Mindful at Mealtimes

One of the things I see many of my clients struggle with is being mindful at mealtimes. Practicing mindfulness will help you to derive more enjoyment from the eating experience and keep you focused to ensure you are getting exactly what your body needs, no more no less. Read on, friends. Distract less, enjoy more So often … Continue reading “How To Be Mindful at Mealtimes”

#50 Staying in Shape in College

Staying in Shape In College We have lots of college listeners out there so here’s to you! But, even if you’re not in college, this episode can still be beneficial for quick and easy ways to stay in shape. College tends to be the time in people’s lives when they can no longer eat mac … Continue reading “#50 Staying in Shape in College”

7 Foods A Dietitian Wants You To Eat

Don’t eat pasta, avoid all the IPAs, stop going out for fast food. WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHH who wants to hear about all the food you can’t have?! Not this gal. It’s always better to focus on what you can and should add to your diet and eventually all the good will crowd out the bad. … Continue reading “7 Foods A Dietitian Wants You To Eat”

#47 Weight Loss

Weight Loss Even though converting to a real-food lifestyle may naturally result in weight loss (if needed), it is a big topic in the world of nutrition so it’s about time we brought you an episode all about weight loss! But, remember, your weight is just your anatomical relation to gravity and doesn’t say anything … Continue reading “#47 Weight Loss”

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! TWO RECIPES for you!

Cinco De Mayo Recipes from Team Nutrition Genius This is probably one of our favorite holidays here at Team Nutrition Genius for two reasons… tacos and tequila. What more could you ask for in a holiday?