#87 Rebecca Behr, RDN

About Rebecca:

On this episode of Nutrition Genius Radio we are joined by Rebecca Behr, RD. Rebecca grew up in Troy, NY where she completed a BS in Nutrition Science at Russell Sage College and a Dietetic Internship at Keene State College in NH. After becoming an RD she worked in long-term care & rehab specializing in ALS and Huntington’s Disease. Following this Rebecca jumped on an opportunity to move west and work as a Food Service Manager at an Outdoor Education focused boarding school. She now lives in the high Rockies of CO at 10,200 ft! Rebecca shares her experience as a food service manager and how despite not being a “sexy” area of nutrition it is still full of challenges, excitement, and science.

Topics covered in this episode:

-Rebecca’s journey as a Nutrition Student and now RD

-School Nutrition + Events

– Backpacking/Hiking/Camping Nutrition

-Perfectionism and black and white thinking around food

-What the heck is zonulin?

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Show Notes:

Keene State Dietetic Internship

NOLS (Wilderness School)

Backcountry Nutrition

Melissa Hartwig Instagram post– We don’t all have the same 24 hours

“If your stress is not productive- then stop.”

Connect with Rebecca:

Instagram: @theplentifulpalate___

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