#85 Christy Adkins

Changing things up this week and bringing you a guest interview with a Registered Nurse as well as an elite athlete, who happens to be pregnant. We discuss all things health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy, to piggyback off of our episode with Lily Nichols, enjoy!

Christy Phillips Adkins started CrossFit in Summer of 2007 and started competing at the CrossFit Games in 2009. She has gone to the CrossFit Games 8 times. 7 times as an individual and 1 time on a team. She is a registered nurse and also has a degree in Exercise Physiology.
Currently, she works as a school nurse in the health center for a boarding school. She also coaches classes at CrossFit Reston and this Fall she just launched her online training program called Training United for CrossFitters looking to up their game with a well-rounded program. You can find it on Beyond the Whiteboard.com
This year, her goals have shifted from competition to start a family. She is currently 7 months pregnant. She, her husband and their yellow lab Bella are all very excited to meet Baby Adkins in May!

Topics covered this episode:

– Pregnancy & CrossFit (or fitness in general)

– CrossFit’s take on nutrition and your thoughts on it all (i.e. Zone vs. Macros vs. Quality vs. Intuitive Eating)

– Being a school nurse, what nutrition/fitness problems do you see? What can we do about it?

– The age of overtraining…I see a lot of overtraining in my clients….do you see this in the community as well?

– Is strong the new skinny a good message for girls? How do we empower others to be healthy & fit but not focus on body image only?

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