#79 Holiday How To’s

Holiday How To’s

The Holidays are the best- plenty of time with loved ones, family traditions, and best of all the most delicious food of the year. Amazing, right? Until, the pants-unbuttoning, food-baby, post-meal stomach ache comes around. This holiday season does not have to end like this! Tune in to this month’s episode of Nutrition Genius Radio to see how you can stick to your nutrition goals and remain mindful through the holiday season.

Topics covered this episode:

The green zone on the hunger/fullness scale

Staying active during the holidays

Should you eat dessert?

Accountability around eating and activity

How to stop the out of control spiral

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Show Notes:

Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work– Ted Talk

Jason Aldean- Back In This Cigarette (ps don’t smoke it’s bad for your health)

Berkeley Hunger/Satiety Scale

Canyon Bakehouse

Bread Srsly

Sassy’s White Cranberry Apple Sangria

Sassy’s Red Cinnamon Pear Sangria

Blake Shelton Sangria

High Rock Distillery

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  1. Hey guys! Love that you’re back. Sassy- I am interested in that meal planning program you mentioned at the beginning of the episode, could you let me know when it’s available to health coaches? I do meal planning for clients online as a side job 🙂

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