#68 For the Love of Bacon, Bone Broth, Coffee & Fish


For the Love of Bacon, Coffee, Bone Broth & Fish

This week we answer some of your burning nutrition questions that you have submitted over the past few months. You asked us about a few of our favorite things and we gladly answer your questions with our sassy and educational response. Learn how bacon, bone broth, coffee and fish fit in your real food lifestyle!

Topics covered this episode:

Is bacon healthy?

Should you drink flavored coffee?

Does the quality of your bones for bone broth matter?

Learn how to eat more fish weekly

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Word o the day: foofaraw (noun) a great deal of fuss or attention given to a minor matter; showy frills added unnecessarily
Ex: We like to give foofaraw to things like bacon, coconut oil and dance parties, sorry we’re not sorry 😀

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  Laura’s Website: TheSassyDietitian.com
Marie’s Website: pearlsofnutrition.com

Show notes:

Allegheny Coffee in Pittsburgh, PA

The Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA

Watch Me by Silento

#42 Get Organized with Rick Woods

Laura’s Blog Post about Bacon HERE

Oldest Woman Alive, Eats Bacon Everyday

#34 Homegrown Paleo with Diana Rodgers (info about CAFO vs. grass fed/pastured animals)

Sassy’s Venison Hash Recipe

Joe Bean Coffee Rochester, NY

Uncommon Grounds Albany, NY

Tierra Coffee Roasters Albany, NY

Death Wish Coffee Co. in Round Lake, NY

Find bone broth online or in stores:
The Brothery
US Wellness Meats
Bare Bones Broth
Pacific Natural Foods

Salmon patties 


Laura and Marie have decided to split their blogs (not their friendship!) and you can now find Sassy and Pearl below. Don’t worry Nutrition Genius Radio is here to stay. We will be sending out new newsletters soon!

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