#67 Nutrition Post-Injury

post injury

Nutrition Post-Injury

Have you ever experienced an injury or are worried you may encounter one due to a sport or other life event? Check in this week to learn what you can be doing to boost your nutrition both before it ever happens (hopefully it never does) or after an injury occurs. We recommend what you should be eating and what not to eat as well as other lifestyle factors to consider. Yes, nutrition is important  and we may just tell you to EAT REAL FOOD.

Topics covered this episode:

What happens post-injury? (The 3 stages of recovery)

How many calories should you be eating post-injury.

What to eat when injured.

What NOT to eat when injured.

Mental & Emotional Healing

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Show notes:

Heiden Valley Farms Facebook

Honest Weight Co-op Albany

 “Whine About It” Buzzfeed

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#41 Fruit

Bone Broth Bonanza

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Fish Oil Rankings

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The Brothery

Bare Bones Broth

Vital Proteins Collagen


Laura: Start now with your real food diet BEFORE any injury should occur.

Marie: Add in some herbs & spices! They help your food taste good and are anti-inflammatory.


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