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All Things Fiber

Fiber, fiber, read all about it! Have you ever been told you needed more fiber and proceeded to reach for a Fiber One bar only to feel bloaty and not so good? Let’s educate you on all things fiber and let you know what you should be eating and how much fiber you need daily.

Also, stay tuned for the end of the show where we make an announcement regarding Sassy & Pearl!

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Word o the day: aelurophobia (noun) the persistent, irrational fear of cats. Example: Cat ladies do not have aelurophobia

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Ginger Libation


Episode #19 Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Party


Laura and Marie have decided to split their blogs (not their friendship!) and you can now find Sassy and Pearl below. Don’t worry Nutrition Genius Radio is here to stay as is this website. We will be sending out new newsletters soon!

 Laura’s Website: TheSassyDietitian.com

Marie’s Website: mariebieber.com

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