#61 Blood Pressure & A Real Food Approach

bloodpressureEpisode 61:
Blood Pressure & A Real Food Approach

Ever been told that your blood pressure is too high and that something needs to change? Well, listen today to find out what diet and lifestyle changes you can make to take control of your health We may sound like a broken record but eating real food and making small changes to your lifestyle can make a HUGE impact on your health.

**Remember: we are not doctors and we cannot diagnose or treat, we are here to give you general information for your health to educate and empower you. If you have concerns about your health or have high blood pressure please consult with your doctor and set up an appointment with us!

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Show notes:

Fin- your fishmonger– local fish place in Guilderland, NY

The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)

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Laura: Just Eat Real Food and Get Moving!

Marie: SLEEP!

2 thoughts on “#61 Blood Pressure & A Real Food Approach”

  1. Ladies,
    Love your stuff but This episode needed to be reigned in to the topic. Controlling my high blood pressure is something very important to me. I thought TNG would shed some great light in this podcast but instead you were silly the whole episode. Just remember your listeners come to you for info – not your entire catchup sessions.

    1. We are so sorry you felt that way. We agree that high blood pressure is a serious health condition and that is why we mentioned that if you do have this condition to go talk to your doctor and dietitian as we cannot diagnose or treat via our show. We enjoy catching up as this is a great communication tool for us and we will be mindful of that going forward. Once again we know you come for info and we felt that we did hit all of our key points that episode and we understand how important all these health topics are. We apologize for making you feel that this is not a significant issue as it is and we hope you continue to listen in to get your health questions answered. Thank you for the feedback.

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