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TGIF! Shout Outs
Friday, August 21st, 2015

What’s shakin’ bacon? Sassy here with another edition of Friday Shout Outs…or should I say Fri-YAY! Here’s to another Friday, hope your weekend is wonderful just like you!

I just got back from vacation with my family on Bald Head Island (the most wonderful place in the world) and at the same time we are moving into our new house all the while getting a new phone. So, needless to say I am a bit ALL over the place right now just trying to make sure I know where I am sleeping and eating each day. Don’t get me wrong this is all very exciting but between trying to find people’s numbers and wondering where my pots and pans are it can be quite confusing and disorienting. We will be all moved in soon and I cannot wait to plant my roots in this town 🙂


My family on the beach…we clean up well! Photo credit to Anne Liles

Vacation you ask? It was wonderful. I soaked up all the sun I could while stealing hugs and laughs with my 4 year old nephew, 2 year old niece and
brand new 1 month old nephew…oh yea and my hubby, mom, dad, brother (older) and sister-in-law….and a surprise visit from my brother-in-law oh and our 15 year old Wheaten Terrier Amber. Family time is the best time and living so far away from everyone makes me cherish every second we had. We played in the sand, boogie boarded, climbed a lighthouse, shared some homemade ice cream and chilled by a bonfire on the beach. It’s important to take breaks in life, take some deep breaths and unwind. It’s so easy to power through but this was a much needed vacation and I’m ready to go back already. Alright, besides my family, here are a few of my favorite things for this week’s Friday Shout Outs!


A few of my favorite things…




…besides these two handsome guys of course 🙂

Thieves Essential Oils (#2329122)
Remember when we had ND Sarah Lobisco on our show talking about Essential Oils? Well we sure didn’t! Ever since talking to her I have been obsessed with my essential oils. Thieves happens to be my favorite and when I went to go diffuse it in our new home I found I was COMPLETELY OUT. It smells like Christmas and makes the entire house smell wonderful year round when diffused. Time to restock for sure. It has been shown to help with mold and may even help superpower your immune system. Sign up for Young Living Essential Oils (use #2329122) and get started with your starter kit today! They call their product seed to seal much like farm to table in that they are bringing you the most pure product out there, be careful when you buy essential oils from other brands, not all are created equal.

Snapchat Find me @ thesassyrd )
I may be a late adapter as far as this social media giant goes but I recently discovered this fun app thanks to a few friends. I get to see silly and fun pictures from all of my friends. Find me on there and share your favorite food and adventures with me!

Magnesium Oil
You all know how I feel about magnesium. Most of us are deficient in this beautiful micronutrient and I want to make sure you are SUFFICIENT in it. While I love an oral supplement sometimes it can cause digestive distress OR it may not be absorbed in those of you with lingering gut issues. So, in walks magnesium oil. This topical oil is absorbed through the skin, has no funky ingredients, and is delivered right to your cells without having to go through your digestive system. Beware, sometimes when you start using this product you may experience some tingling, don’t worry, it will go away! I am convinced it only tingles when I have not been diligent about taking my magnesium….it’s like the body is SO excited it tingles with joy when I spray it on. Use it to calm down, relax your muscles and so much more!

Foods worth eating..extra virgin olive oil

Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This may be overload for you but I LOVE this olive oil, seriously you won’t want any other brand ever again. We even had Tony, co-founder on the show a while back and he dished about the dirty secrets of the olive oil industry. I use it in the morning to make my eggs, drizzle it on my salad and roast my veggies with it at night. It is so versatile and so rich in olive flavor. Make sure to store your olive oil in a dark and cool place (and please not in a plastic bottle) and make sure to not fry with it, use it in temps under 400-450°F. Stay tuned for a brand new potato recipe coming soon using this delicious oil! Go check it out and let them know we sent you!

Tin Star Foods Brown Butter Ghee
O.M.GHEE! This stuff is addicting and quite delicious. I guess I am feeling the healthy fats this week. Healthy fats are needed for SO many reasons in the body, a major one is for our brain function and mental health, so get your healthy fats. Now that saturated fats are not a nutrient of concern I can recommend more fats without being reprimanded, woohoo! Did you know that ghee is clarified butter that does not have the milk solids left in it so most people who have a lactose intolerance can tolerate ghee! The company states that they are indeed lab tested to be lactose and casein free. We love ghee in our household because my poor hubby is terribly lactose intolerant. When we use ghee we are both happy and our guts agree. Tin Star Food is a great small company and I am excited to watch them grow.

Real Salt
Wait isn’t salt real to begin with? Shouldn’t I avoid salt? Well my first rule of thumb is IF you eat real, unprocessed foods then you get to salt your food…if not then leave the salt shaker alone. Check out our podcast for more detailed information. I love real salt 1) because it’s pink and 2) because it’s filled with trace minerals from the earth, win-win. Check out Real Salt’s guidebook on salt and what makes salt real.

Ok, cheers to another FRIDAY! I hope you have some fun things planned for this weekend.

I want to hear from you!

Where is your FAVORITE vacation location?

What are you reading/following/eating this week?


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