#56 Real Skincare (aka Skin Food) with Trina Felber from Primal Life Organics (Part 2)

IMG_0104Real Paleo Skincare (aka “SkinFood”) Part 2

We are back today with Part 2 of Skincare “Skinfood” with Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics. If you missed Part 1 go catch up and then come back here! This episode we talk all about what should be in your skincare and some information on specific skin conditions. Listen in to change up your skincare routine!

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Show Notes:

One Leg Up Shaving Cream from Primal Life Organics

Men’s Shaving Cream too!

Banish Blemish Serum

Pay for Your Health NOW Blog Post

Purely Primal Skincare Guide

Starter Package

C-ex Vitamin C Serum with Liz Wolfe

Beauty’s Dirty Secret: 3 Simple Steps to Super Power Your Skin by Trina Felber

Take Away:

Just start with your mind! You can do it, maybe not all in one day but you can eventually do it with baby steps.

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