#54 Crossfit & Other High Intensity Workouts


Crossfit and Other High Intensity Workouts

Have you caught the Crossfit bug? Are you sick of watching fit people pick things up and put them down? Sassy and Pearl are back today to discuss what Crossfit is, why high intensity workouts may be right for you and how to determine what you should be doing for your fitness because after all healthy includes being active as well! Join us for a workout, errh we mean podcast this week!

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Show notes:

    • Shout us out at octothorpeteamnutritiongenius
    • Man Buns replaced by cinnamon buns! Cinnaman buns…?
  • Get Down to Business Timestamp 13:45

Take Aways:

  • Start with where you are with what you have! You don’t need a brand name to be fit but you do need to start to get somewhere
  • Just try doing something new!
  • Start with one day, not all out all at once


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