6 Ways to Save at Whole Foods

6 Ways to Save at Whole Foods

6 Ways To Save at Whole Foods

If you are worried about paying money to eat healthy, check out my last blog post about paying for your health now

Many people think that if they stop in a Whole Foods Market they will end up spending their entire savings or their “Whole Paycheck”. This can be true, but this could be true anywhere you shop, buyer beware. If you know the tips and tricks of grocery shopping you can eat healthy and keep your budget in check. I sat down with the marketing manager at our local Whole Foods in Albany and she gave me all the insider tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the best deal at Whole Foods Market. Read on to find out how you can save some moolah on your healthy food!

If you have been paying attention to the news, you know that Whole Foods has been catching a ton of slack lately. I am not sure who is right in this situation but I think by them openly apologizing they are starting out on a good foot. A lot of what they were weighing may be food that is not necessary for you to buy anyway so let’s stick to what is in season and what IS an ingredient and does not HAVE ingredients.

Alright, let’s take a look to see how we can save money when shopping at Whole Foods.

1. Stock Up by Season

This can be said at any grocery store but what’s in season is normally on sale because it is plentiful. When you walk into Whole Foods Market Albany those produce items that are in season tend to be either out front when you first walk in OR in the front of the produce section with bright yellow signs and discount prices. Right now for example, berries & peaches happen to be plentiful and so they are on sale. The quality of produce is also something to note, I have yet to buy produce from Whole Foods that has not been fresh. Did you know that if you are not satisfied with the quality of the food you can return it? Obviously I would not recommend abusing the system, no one likes that, but if you are truly dissatisfied with something from Whole Foods they will give you a refund, no questions asked.


2. Shop The Sales

Did you know a new Sales Flyer comes out weekly on Wednesdays at each Whole Foods Market store? There are weekly deals that you can find by heading over to your local Whole Foods or by looking online. These deals  run from Thursday through Sunday (aka more than half your week). The market also runs 1 and 3 days sales depending on time of year and availability. Check the store for more information especially around holidays as they are more than likely having a deal!

3. Cut The Whole Deal Coupons

There are coupon books that come out every 2 months. You can find these brightly colored coupon books as you enter the store but if you know there is a coupon, ask a team member and they may be able to find you the discount code. Speaking of team members did you know that they will let you try ANYTHING in the store? Yep! Talk to these educated human beings and you can try before you buy, sounds like a deal to me! You can also find printable coupons on their site, make sure to find the store you are shopping at, as it may vary between stores.wholedeal

4. Grab the Case Discount

Did you know you can buy almost ANYTHING by the case at Whole Foods for 10% off? It’s like shopping at Costco only with healthier food options. I had no idea this was an option, even though now I see signs throughout the store telling me this. If there is something you buy regularly (like the 365 Full Fat Coconut Milk) ask to buy a case of it and you will save yourself a good deal of moolah. Worried they won’t have it? Call ahead and they will set it aside for you 🙂

5. Try before you buy

You can try any item you want in the store, just ask a team member! I know some people get overwhelmed shopping and just want to put their head down and mind their own business. But have you ever picked up an item and wondered if you would like it only to come home and find out a) it’s the best thing you ever had and should have bought more or b) it was the WORST decision you ever could have made and you now wasted X amount of money. Ask any team member to try a product and they will let you. Obviously you probably don’t want to be testing the raw meats but any of the prepared foods are free game.

6. Find The 365 Brand

Whole Foods Market has their own brand “365 Everyday Value” and it’s cheaper than other name brands offered in the store. I personally like their canned fish and canned full fat coconut milk as well as their frozen veggies. All great products but just under their own brand “365 Everyday Value”.

While this post is specific to Whole Foods Market there are some other tips and tricks I will get to in later posts about how to save money shopping for real food. So now I want to hear from you!

How do you save money shopping for real food?

With this information are you more inclined to try shopping at a place like Whole Foods? Why or why not?

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