#53 What To Say When…

IMG_3818What To Say When…

If you’re making awesome changes in your life, you might be catching flack from some haters (haters gonna hate while sippin’ on their haterade), so we want you to be knowledgable and know how to respond. Nutrition and food can be very personal to people, so it is important to keep in mind that everyone is at a different point in their health journey. So, we bring you this episode to help with what to say when…

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Word o’ the day:  hoosegow (noun): jail

Example: If you eat one of the eight frankenfoods we posted about last week than we will have the urge to throw you in nutrition hoosegow.

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Show notes:

If you want to get down to business, and skip our personal chats, jump to: minute 13:30

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Take aways:

  • You shouldn’t have to convince people about your food and life choices
  • In response ask, why not? Why not eat egg yolks and meat? Why are you eating grains?
  • This can be a personal topic, so respect others and their health journey


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