#51 4 Steps To Make Your Food Taste Good!

Make Your Food Taste GoodFour Steps to Make Your Food Taste Good!

So, you’ve started eating real food but find it doesn’t taste good? Time to change that! This episode will take you through four steps on how to make real food taste good!

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Word of the Day:
Stinkaroo – noun- (slang) something markedly inferior in quality
Ex. We never want you to have a stinkaroo of a meal.

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Take aways:

  • Eat REAL real food; Eat local, eat what is in season
  • Vary the ways you cook
  • Spice up (your life)!
  • if you eat real food, you get to salt your food!
  • just try! it’s okay to mess up

2 thoughts on “#51 4 Steps To Make Your Food Taste Good!”

  1. Hey Pearl & Sassy! It’s me again; I just wanted to say that I loved this episode. (Not that I don’t love EVERY episode, this one was so fun, you were so goofy, and I could hear your passion for flavor, I loved it.) This was a great way to remind us all that spices and fats add SO MUCH flavor to our foods. My favorite way to cook is to go in the pantry, grab a few jars and just start smelling them together, to get an idea of what I’m going to use. Also, I just bought my first bit of pasture-raised butter, and let me tell you, I could totally just eat that… I don’t. The flavor it adds is amazing; I never realized there would be such a difference! While listening to this episode I kept thinking of a saying by Chef Adrian Richardson of the show Secret Meat Business, “Butter is love. Butter = flavor, and flavor = love, so butter = love.” (Or something like that.) I used the pasture-raised butter to cook some steaks and green beans, and holy cow was it delicious! I am in love. Listening to your podcast has brought me back to my love of cooking. I’ve realized that when things get tough, I take to the kitchen, and I feel so much better. I had more to say, but the GeminiDD has kicked in, so I’ve forgotten… Anyways, keep up the great work you guys do, and stay sassy! All the best, Myliea

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