#50 Staying in Shape in College

36417_774556769865_3863251_nStaying in Shape In College

We have lots of college listeners out there so here’s to you! But, even if you’re not in college, this episode can still be beneficial for quick and easy ways to stay in shape. College tends to be the time in people’s lives when they can no longer eat mac n’ cheese and pizza for every meal without it catching up to them. Freshman fifteen anyone? Instead of spending these two, four, six years eating unhealthy food, why not try to start making healthy changes and habits to mark the beginning of your adulthood? We promise (and can speak from experience) that you will feel so much better!

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Word o’ the day:  heedless (adj): careless, thoughtless, unmindful

Sassy and Pearl don’t want you to be heedless with your food choices.

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Sarah Johnson Twitter, Instagram

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Zest in Ballston Spa, NY

The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook by Diana Rodgers

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Take aways:

Be yourself! This is your opportunity to find like minded and awesome people
There’s no shame in your game, do the things that you love
Make sure you have good, real food in your dorm room

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