5 Edible Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry Recipes

Edible Blueberry Recipes

Have you heard the news? Sassy has 5 Blueberry recipes featured in the latest copy of Edible Capital District, all #sassyapproved of course. WHAT?!? 

When Mary, the editor of the gorgeous magazine “Edible Capital District” contacted me I was in SHOCK. I absolutely love recipe development but had never been approached to do so in a magazine. I was blown away. I had heard of the edible community before as their magazines are always stunning but I had not known there was a Capital District one. Well, turns out there was not one until this Spring. Mary realized that The Capital District of NY was flourishing with local food and flavor (could not agree more) and she was so passionate about it that she wanted to start an edible right from our own backyard. Pick up a copy today (see website or store options below) and get to know what local fare you can be a part of whether you live there, are just passing through or have a dream of going there one day.

For those of you who do not know I used to work in McCormick’s Test Kitchens and LOVED developing recipes. So when Mary said they needed a few blueberry recipes as soon as possible, I got to work. One of my passions in life is taking healthy food and making it delicious for everyone. I also love the challenge of cooking for those with allergies and intolerances, why should they (myself included) be left out in the taste department? I love blueberries and had so many ideas running through my head. Of course I had to come up with recipes that ran the gamut from beverage, to entree to dessert. I want you to be able to cook ALL the meals with ALL the blueberries. Grab a copy today to get FIVE new recipes and a BEAUTIFUL magazine to sit on your coffee table.


What’s So Great About Blueberries?

I not only love the sour yet sweet taste of a ripe blueberry but I also love how nutritious they are. You have probably heard mention of the “superfood” qualities of this summertime fruit. I’m not the biggest fan of the word “superfood”, it gives one food too much pressure and power. However, blueberries do have some fabulous qualities. They are relatively low in naturally occurring sugar, are a great source of fiber and have a good amount of vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant)  as well as other vitamin & minerals. This dynamic fruit can be used both in a sweet dish and in a savory dish. Healthy, versatile AND tasty? Are you sold yet?

How fitting that blueberries are currently in season. I have been getting some from my CSA-like program but most places have them on sale this month AND you can even go Pick Your Own which is super fun for the whole family (and not to mention delicious). Shopping for what’s in season can help your wallet but it also helps your tastebuds. When you eat in season you get the fruits and veggies that are at their ripest and this tends to mean they are FULL of flavor (oh yeah and vitamins & minerals.)

Ok, enough of the nutrition lesson, I apologize for not posting a recipe this week but there are five, yes FIVE recipes in this magazine’s copy for July/August. I urge you to check it out, there is a breakfast recipe featuring Maple Hill Creamery yogurt, a blueberry jalapeño chicken wing recipe, a refreshing summer salad and MORE. I will post a new recipe soon have no fear so for this week grab your copy and get cooking.

What is edible?

Haven’t heard the buzz in your city yet? Edible Feast is a collaboration of over 80 communities in the United States and Canada. Each community features stories and food from the local culture. It is not a restaurant review but instead looks deeper into the community and draws from the top influencers in food, lifestyle and beyond. As told by Edible Feast (the collaboration of all communities),

“Each Edible magazine publication celebrates local food culture season by season, community by community. We focus on the people–farmers, fishers, chest, vintners, and food artisans who live and work the land”

Find one of the 80+ magazines and delve into your community or a new community today!

Where to Grab Your Copy!

Alright so if you are ready to get your hands on a copy (I mean seriously it’s BEAUTIFUL) and you live in the Capital District, here are the places I know that carry it (will update as I know more):
Whole Foods Market Albany
Healthy Living Market and Cafe Saratoga
fin-your fishmonger
Fort Orange General Store
The Cheese Traveler
Capital Roots
The Apple Barrel
The Carrot Barn
Putnam Market
Green Conscience Home & Garden LLC
Four Seasons Natural Foods
9 Miles East
Bake For You
Villa Italia Bakery
Bella Napoli
Spa City Farmers Market
…and more!

If you are not local you can still subscribe to Edible Capital District (wahoo) and get the magazine delivered to you. If you want one from me that might be an option too 🙂 I also believe it will be distributed nationally soon! Find the rest of the edible communities online (80+ cities) and at your local health stores nationwide.

I am so excited about this opportunity and hope this is just the beginning 🙂

Let me hear from you!

What is your FAVORITE blueberry recipe?



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