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When I received the email a few months ago welcoming me (and JJ) back to Cornell for our 5 year reunion I was in disbelief, didn’t we JUST graduate yesterday? Apparently not! We contemplated whether we should make the trip out to Ithaca, NY to celebrate and since we just got married there this time last year we figured we should definitely go back for fun and for nostalgia of course.

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Yes, we started dating our freshmen year (thanks to Cornell housing!)

A few weeks before the reunion we got an email from my college swim coach saying there would be an alumni swim meet and of course that made me want to go back even more! I loved swimming all four years in college, while it was hard and some days I wanted to cry and scream and hang up my swimsuit it was all worth it. I have not really swam much in the past 5 years so I considered it a really LONG taper for the alumni meet.

We decided to take a short day on Friday so we could head to Ithaca early and catch the Alumni reception for Cornell Swimming & Diving at Teagle Hall. It was fun hanging out on the pool deck without having to swim and while having some good conversations without being waterlogged. While the turnout was small it was great to see some friendly faces and meet some new ones as well.


This door brings back SO many memories, but I don’t know the code anymore…probably for the best 😀 

After chatting with some alumni and catching up with my old coaches (and a new one), JJ and I decided we needed to eat because we had been going ALL day running mostly on coffee and some breakfast. I love a good Yelp search (I think I typed in “gluten-free”) so I searched to see if there was anything new in Ithaca since we last left and I happened upon Agava a “farm-to-table” restaturant, and when I saw the menu I was sold. If you are ever in town, check it out because dinner was delicious! We started with a swordfish ceviche and then I got the grass-fed burger while JJ had the salmon burger (no buns of course).

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We decided to head back to campus and grab a drink at the Statler Hotel (where we had our Rehearsal Dinner), and who do we run into?! My old assistant swim coach Corey (shout out to her if she’s reading!!)! Corey was there with me all 4 years, through the highs and the lows and we managed to laugh our way through most of it all with How I Met Your Mother recaps, it was legen, wait for it, dary! It’s so funny how you go back to a reunion not expecting to run into anyone, and then you do and realize it’s a small world 🙂

JJ and I got our sleep because the next morning I had committed to the alumni swim meet, and let me tell you I was a wee bit nervous.  I feel like I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape with doing crossfit, running, hiking, snowboarding and more BUT swimming has not really been on my radar. While I’ve been in the pool a handful of times since graduation, I haven’t actually raced. Before we went to the pool I figured we should probably have some caffeine-courage and some food. We had found Waffle Frolic back when we were doing wedding planning and while I’m not always a waffle fan, they have GLUTEN-FREE waffles that are tasty AND you can get pastured eggs & bacon from local farms on top WOOOHOOO!!!!


I like you a latte 😉

JJ and I split a waffle and I opted for a chai tea latte (my favorite when I was in college…had to relive it!) to get some caffeine running through my blood. We then headed back to campus and straight to the pool. I saw some guys warming up when I got there and I chuckled a little, I was pretty sure ONE LAP would be all I would need to warm up (even though it used to take a good 1,000 yards or so to “warm-up”) and I was right, after 2 laps I was warm and ready to swim 🙂

There were only 3 girl alums back (come on girls let’s STEP UP our game!!) and a bunch of men so we did a girls heat and a guys heat for multiple events, including 25s and 50s (there was the option of 100s but you can guess we weren’t to keen on that idea…) I was shocked that I could still do butterfly, which has ALWAYS been my favorite, check out a clip of my first lap –> IMG_6228 (or check out instagram @thesassydietitian). My arms were tired but I was glad I hopped back in the pool. I think I will stay in retirement, but it was nice to relive my swimming days and connect with other alumni! We stayed for a little while after, catching up with the coaches. We walked around campus and checked out a few of our favorite places and then we hopped in the car and headed home….well we stopped at Wegmans first but that’s pretty much a second home to me, seriously WHEN is it coming to Albany?!?!


I cannot believe it’s been a year since I walked down the aisle any got to marry my best friend at Sage Chapel <3

Well, here’s to 5 more years 😀


I want to hear from you!

Do you have an activity you used to do that you haven’t done in a while? Would you try it now?

What did you eat last time you traveled? 

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