Friday Shout Outs! Round 2


Hey friends! Pearl here to give you week #2 of our Friday Shout Outs! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about check back to last week when Sassy had the brilliant idea to fill you guys in on podcasts, blogs, and Instagram accounts that we like to follow. We want you guys to see, hear, and read the same things we are to make sure you are making kick-ass nutrition decisions and rocking your real food lifestyle.


As my Instagram followers know, I recently took a trip to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia which is about salt a world historya 7 hour drive from Rochester. What’s a nutrition genius to do in that time? Listen to a book on tape, of course! As much as I love rocking out to some sweet beats on a road trip I need a little more mental stimulation and my good friend Michael suggested I read Salt: A World History so I downloaded the audiobook for the trip. This book is awesome. It’s not a nutrition book but it’s a killer combination of history and food so I know all you foodie readers out there will love it. You may wonder how one could write an entire book on just the topic of salt but the way the search, production, and sale of salt has affected the world’s history is mind blowing, there is plenty to talk about. Just to give my Upstate New Yorkers an example, did you know the Erie Canal was built to move salt from Onondaga County to NYC? Crazy. There are also tons of examples of recipes that use salt and descriptions of where in the world they were consumed and why. It’s fascinating. The author, Mark Kurlansky, has a bunch of other food-related books that I can’t wait to dive into.


lara barObviously what I was going to eat on this camping trip was something I took some time thinking about. I even got really nerdy and calculated up all of the calories from each meal I planned. I don’t do this in my normal day-to-day life because it’s time consuming, boring, and can lead to obsessing but because I planned on doing some intense hiking I wanted to make sure I was bringing enough energy with me. Hiking nutrition is hard because I obviously want to factor in nutritional density but I need my food to be lightweight, portable, and not perishable when on a trail. One of the things I don’t ever eat normally is bars. Why? Because they are a processed food and the more processing a food goes through the more nutrients are lost.That being said, they are lightweight, transportable, and super convenient when on a trail so I usually pack a few for hiking trips. My go-to bar choice is Lara Bar. They contain minimal ingredients, are non-GMO, gluten and soy free, and conveniently sold at my local Wegmans. This is perfect because as much as I love to preach planning ahead I am terrible at it. I actually went to the grocery store at 11 pm the night before I was supposed to leave, whoops. The flavor in the picture, cashew cookie, was one that I picked up for this trip. It has two ingredients. Two. #WininPearltopia.

Instagram Jokes

Food puns are my favorite. This is what I have to say about getting you through your last work day before the weekend…

encouragemintFor more food puns you can follow Michelle Kabler, she is holistic chef, and has some pretty awesome YouTube videos, and clearly a sense of humor.

What food and nutrition books have you been reading lately? Instagram accounts we should follow? Let us know in the comments if there is anything we should be dabbling in!

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

Xo, Pearl


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  1. Definitely going to look into Salt. Love audio books (and podcasts!) while sitting in traffic. It kind of reminds me of a book my chemistry teacher recommended called Napoleon’s Buttons, which is about how certain molecules changed history. (Also on my to-read list so I thought I’d share.)

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