Friday Shout Outs #3!

Friday Shout OutsFriday Shout Outs #3
June 12, 2015


TGIF! No matter how old you are, Fridays are always a HUGE sigh of relief, at least I hope so! You’ve made it through the week and now it’s time to wind down and look forward to some R&R (well for most of us anyways.) This week I want to give some shout outs to those working hard day in and day out to give people like me tools and resources to get me through my day! Check out our last 2 Shout Outs here and here and then SHARE below in the comments your shout outs!


Yoga by Candace

I used to do more Yoga when I lived in Chicago, but since moving to Albany I probably have gone a grand total of 3 times, yes that’s ONCE per year. It’s mostly because I spend most my time at a Crossfit gym and because the yoga I went to in Chicago was FREE. So, I realized that I was becoming less and less flexible and needed a fun but easy way to work on my flexibility and yogi-ness (is that even a word?!). My mom sent me a link to one of Candace’s videos and I have been hooked ever since. She has a variety of videos all different lengths and for all different levels. Even if you have NEVER done yoga before, she has a video for you. She also does monthly challenges and giveaways and has a really empowering way of teaching.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

All I can say about this blog is YUM! If you want some food-spiration for your next meal head on over to this blog and find recipes GALORE. The pictures are drool-worthy and most of the recipes are pretty simple and straightforward. Oh yeah and did I mention she is GLUTEN-FREE, woop!

Running with Spoons

Amanda, the gal behind the blog has a great approach and a beautiful layout. She is sarcastic which just makes me so happy, I too am sarcastic (anyone surprised) so I know good humor when I see/read one! She’s also got a fun “Thursday Thinking Out Loud” which I will have to join in on one day….maybe someone can just record me, since I sometimes talk a lot…just sometimes.



A fellow REAL FOOD RD who has beautiful photos and I believe is a TNG enthusiast win-win-win! I also found out via instagram that she is a PHILLY fan and since that’s where all my family is from I was super excited that we had so much in common. Check her out and start following her TODAY! Her blog is also a hit, check it out HERE.


This is the beautiful instagram account of Diana Rodgers. You may be familiar with Diana because we brought her on the podcast a few months ago to talk about her amazing book The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook. You should also check out her website to get her opinion on all things food and nutrition. I hope to get out to her farm this summer because I’d love to see the beauty of her farm with my own eyes, but until then I’ll enjoy her instagram and the baby goats J


So instagram can get overwhelming to some but I literally could look at beautiful pictures of food all day long and this instagram account does NOT disappoint. The two lovely gals behind this instagram also have a beautiful website, check it out for real food galore!


Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

My mama gave me this book for my birthday and so far I love it! Working with people day in and day out to change habits can be frustrating, yet rewarding when done right. This book is not only good for helping clients but for self-exploration and finding out how I can make myself better! A great read for anyone.

Ruhlman’s Twenty by Michael Ruhlman

Another gift from Mama A, isn’t she just so thoughtful! This amazing cookbook is so much more than just recipes, it teaches you how to cook. While you might be asking “Sassy, don’t you know how to cook?” you would be absolutely right, but you can ALWAYS improve on your skillz so this one has me super excited and it’s like I have a top notch chef in my kitchen teaching me 😀


Also, this week I decided to venture into the Periscope world (anyone else on there?!) . I hope to start broadcasting some recipes soon! Check me out @thesassydietitian (also on instagram!)

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Who deserves a shout out this week? 

What is your favorite thing about Friday?!

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