#48 Russ Crandall “The Domestic Man” & Paleo Takeout


Paleo Takeout with The Domestic Man

Have you committed to a real food lifestyle but still crave your favorite takeout dish like chicken nuggets, sweet and sour chicken or calzones? Well you are in luck! This week we chat with Russ Crandall from The Domestic Man about his new cookbook Paleo Takeout. Sassy got to review one of his recipes earlier but now you can get his book and taste for yourself. He dishes on how he changed his own health with a real food approach and what led him to writing an entire cookbook dedicated to making takeout “fast food” healthy. Russ will head out on a book tour this week to promote his new cookbook, check out where he will be and go say hi!

Bio: Russ Crandall is the talented home chef behind The Domestic Man, a leading food blog in the Paleo, gluten-free, and whole foods communities. In his 20s he suffered a number of life-threatening illnesses, was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition–and was sent home with a lifetime’s worth of medications. Disenchanted with modern medicine, Russ started searching for his own answers and quickly discovered that eating a gluten-free, nutrient-rich diet alleviated most of the medical issues that had plagued him for years. Taking cues from traditional cuisines, The Domestic Man inspires readers to look to historical recipes for that ever-elusive key to health. His work has been featured in People Magazine, Food & Wine, and was nominated by Saveur Magazine as one of the Best Food Blogs of 2013. He released his debut cookbook, The Ancestral Table: Traditional Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle, through Victory Belt Publishing in February 2014.

Find Russ

Website: thedomesticman.com
Twitter: @thedomesticman
Instagram: @thedomesticman
Facebook: The Domestic Man & Paleo Takeout Facebook Group

Find His Books
Paleo Takeout, The Ancestral Table, The Safe Starch Cookbook

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