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Inspired by Marie’s recent travels in the Appalachian Mountains we wanted to bring you an episode on how to maintain a Real Food lifestyle while on the go! Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean all of your work towards sticking to real food at home should go down the drain. This week’s episode brings you our tips for success for being a real foodie on the road!

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Show Notes: 

Sassy’s Tips for Success:

  • Plan ahead: check out menus, will you have a refrigerator, how will you be travelling
  • Know what will be waiting for you: storage space? a cooler, refrigerator? what options will you have?
  • Commit to your non-negotiables: things you won’t give up not matter where you are

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…and your feet


  • pack an empty water bottle: stay hydrated!
  • pack a fat: coconut oil, olive oil (a good quality one), avocados
  • pack a protein: one that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, canned salmon, tuna
  • coconutzzz: flakes, butter (Artisana on the go)
  • jerky/meat stick the ones you recommend
  • bars (only once and a while) Q&A 22 Bars
  • get up and move around (when possible)


  • pack a cooler and eat exactly like you normally would (with real food)

Hiking (aka Feet)

  • plan appropriately for length of trip: longer trip = more water and food, shorter trip = more fresh fruits and veggies (bananas, pears, oranges)
  • test your tolerance ahead of time

If you travel a lot, your immune system could use a little extra tender, love and care so revisit our podcast with Dr. Sarah Lobisco on Essential Oils


Marie: Plan ahead! Write out a grid with meals if you need/want to and just stick to your real food diet

Laura: Just eat real food! You can do it, it is possible. Do the best with what you have

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