Top 5 Pantry Staples (Q&A#25)

tunaWhat’s In Your Pantry?

Pantry Staples: we all have them. But what are the ones that we have and recommend that you have on hand as well? Check out this short and sweet podcast to find out our top 5 pantry staples.

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Hi Pearl and Sassy!

I’m loving the show and would love to know what you ladies stock your pantry with. I know that you preach real food and I’m guessing that less is more but in this case I’m curious!

Thanks for all you do,



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Show notes:

Pearl’s “Spice guy”- Stuart’s Spices

Canned fish brands- Safe Catch, Sustainable Seas, Wild Planet

Canned Coconut Milk- Native Forest, Natural Value

All About Olive Oil with Tony Kasandrinos

Fats & Oils we recommend in Q&A #6 Fats & Oils Galore

Throwback to Episode #2 Friends of Fat

Good fats? Bad fats? Cholesterol?  #19 Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Party

#21 Evil Vegetable Oils

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Pantry Staples (Q&A#25)”

  1. Too many spices, a resealable bag of almonds, almond milk supply, canned tuna, some paleo crackers that were horrible and I haven’t thrown out yet, and a can of something which doesn’t have a label. I think it’s green beans. And the cat.

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