Portion Sizes (Q&A#23)


Should you watch your portion sizes?

Today’s question is all about portion sizes and control. Here at Team Nutrition Genius we talk about the QUALITY of your food but we have not mentioned much about QUANTITY. Check out today’s episode to find out our recommendations for how much to put on your plate.

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Dear Sassy & Pearl, 

I  love your podcast and listen to every episode either in the car or on a run. I am inspired to add one more healthy choice to my life after each episode. I am eating real food almost exclusively and only take magnesium and a probiotic as supplements. The one thing I struggle with is portions. How much do I need to eat to get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals?  I can only recall one mention of portion in past episodes and that was a recommendation to use a scale. Can you recommend a good source for this information? By the way your guest interviews are great.

Thanks, Karen AKA @mainewoodshome

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