Feliz Cinco De Mayo! TWO RECIPES for you!

Cinco De Mayo Recipes from Team Nutrition Genius

This is probably one of our favorite holidays here at Team Nutrition Genius for two reasons… tacos and tequila.


What more could you ask for in a holiday?

It’s no secret that alcohol isn’t your most nutritionally dense food and we don’t recommend you throw back shots like a spring breaker BUT it’s also no secret that the T in TNG might as well stand for tequila. In fact, tequila may or may not have played a role in how Pearl originally got her nickname. The world may never know…

If you are wondering what our opinion on alcohol is I have a simple solution for you- listen to Episode #25 of Nutrition Genius Radio. In this lovely episode entitled “Blame it on the ALCOHOL” we cover what we think of alcohol, how much of it you can safely drink, and how to make it at least semi-TNG approved. One of the big take-always is to make sure you are always using real food ingredients for your mixers and no, agave syrup doesn’t count. Want to know what does count?

Pomegranate juice. You can get a mini activity break in your day by using a mortar and pestle to make this juice AND the result is glorious. Get the recipe for Pearl’s Pomegranate Margarita here.

Okay so now that you’re boozing it up are you ready to get weird? Great because Sassy has got a Tongue Taco recipe for you and you can get it here.


Sassy & Pearl

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