#42 Get Organized with Guest Rick Woods

rick woods

Do you have to duck and take cover when you open your kitchen cabinets? Is your junk drawer stuck because it’s so full? Has your refrigerator not gotten a good clean up since 2010? It’s impossible to enjoy cooking when your clutter is overtaking your work space. In walks Rick Woods, The Functional Organizer. Rick is the owner of The Functional Organizer, LLC, is on the NAPO National Board of Directors, makes monthly appearances on NBC TV’s Mass Appeal Morning Show, host’s iTunes podcast Make Room For Clarity, and is the author of the book Make Room For Clarity: Getting Rid of the Clutter That Gets In Your Way. Rick teaches clients how to can clean up our space and clean up our lives to live clearly with intention. Today on Nutrition Genius Radio he teaches us how to clean up our kitchen to make cooking real food easy and enjoyable.

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Show Notes:

Where Laura got her delicious gluten free doughnuts- Nibble, Inc.

And her delicious meal at Dinosaur BBQ

Ben Greenfield podcast about plastic water bottles

***I tried to find the podcast Marie mentioned but I’m not sure if this is it?

Our guest appearance on Make Room for Clarity with Rick Woods Part 1 and Part 2

Episode #32 with Summer Innanen

Where to find Rick Woods “The Functional Organizer”

Website: The Functional Organizer: http://tforganizer.com  

Book: Make Room for Clarity: http://tforganizer.com/the-book/

Podcast: Make Room for Clarity: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/make-room-for-clarity/id917432924?mt=2

Social Media: Facebook (The Functional Organizer), Twitter (@tforganizer), Pinterest (Rick Woods)


Rick’s takeaway: Start with clearing your counter space, work in groups and make decisions quickly, do a little at a time

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