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I spent my day doing random acts of kindness and it has made me super sappy so I’m going to quickly type this post before I shut it down-

This day had been an incredible day of reflection. One of our random acts of kindness was to call someone just because and I procrastinated the entire day. Normally my choice would be my parents or grandparents but my parents just visited Rochester and I spoke to my grandparents two days ago so it wasn’t random enough. I contemplated for a long time who I could reach out to that would be both surprised to hear from me and willing to spread the love. Finally at about 9 pm it came to me, I should call the person who was the catalyst for my love of volunteering.

Seven years ago I was in a friend’s apartment bored, wondering what I was going to do later that evening and a wonderful human suggested I went to a Colleges Against Cancer meeting. My aunt had recently been diagnosed with cancer so I went in support of her but little did I know that meeting would change my life. That day I became involved in the club. The next year I volunteered to chair the Relay for Life event in SUNY Cortland and the following year I chaired the event and served as the Colleges Against Cancer president. I eventually also served as a committee member on two national groups with the American Cancer Society and later after graduating college I worked as a fundraising event planner for the March of Dimes. Volunteering and non-profit work had become my thing but it all comes pack to that day when one person said hey, come to this meeting with me.

So I called her to say thank you for changing my life. For being a positive influence. For having this infectious enthusiasm that you just can’t help but get on board with..

And today I have found this randomness and infectious spirit has continued.

I moved to Rochester nine months ago. I have two best friends in this world, one from my home town (Bridget) and one from college (Ryan). Bridget, the best friend anyone could ever hope for, moved to Rochester with me. Ryan grew up in Rochester but does not live here but when we moved here he made sure we were connected to his childhood friends. Through his childhood friends I met the people that have become my closest friends in Rochester, the people who participated in this event with me today.

How much more full circle can you get? The people who helped me today I only know because of my friend from college who I only know because of volunteering which I only did because of this one amazing person.

Isn’t if funny how one person can change your life? How one act of kindness, like asking someone to come to a meeting or introducing them to someone else can change their whole trajectory?

I got lucky and I don’t know any other way to put it. My parents are incredibly loving and supportive and my grandparents are the kind of grandparents everyone wishes they could have. My aunts and uncles have given me their unwavering love and support and have never asked anything in return. My siblings and cousins are my best friends. My friends are so amazing that I wonder why they chose me. I have the kind of luck I wish everyone had and that deserves to be shared.

22 Random Acts of Kindness was inspired by someone whose caring, generosity, and kindness I cannot even begin to fathom. Someone so amazing it inspires those around her which is why this event came to fruition. One person’s kindness, which is really just who she is, made today happen.

So for my final act of kindness for the day i write this to say thank you. Thank you to my family for always supporting me and thank you to those who have led me down this path. Thank you most especially to Sassy for always being on the page, for always playing along no matter what insect I want to eat, and for always being someone who I look up to and strive to be more like. And thank you to Bridget, Ryan, Adriana, Michael, Matthew, and Liz for being with me today, I would not be the person I am (or able to function normally) without all of you.

Please let this be a reminder that one small tiny act of kindness can change an entire life. It’s worth it, I promise.



4 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. I had the best day doing random acts of kindness. I went to CVS and bought little packets of Cadbury Mini eggs. After I paid for them I asked how many people were working and handed the lady a packet for each of them. She wasn’t very friendly while checking me out but when I handed her the candy her facial expression totally changed. The amazing thing that happened right after was that I remembered that I had a appointment that I totally would have forgotten and I really think that I remembered it because of the act of kindness and I had just enough time to make it. At every business that I stopped at today I handed a packet of Mini eggs to the people who helped me. Such fun to watch their faces and such pleasure it gave to me #22raok.

  2. I am so thankful to you all! This was just what I needed, and what my family needed. We get so caught up in our very busy lives- passing those guys with the cardboard signs, seeing the donation bin at church….on and on, I pass over those in need. This was a wonderful start for what I now am calling “planned kindness”- because, I think sometimes you have to plan for it, or life will happen without you doing anything about serving others.
    Thank you!

    P.S. I love CNY- I am originally from Syracuse- so i hope your snow melts soon and you can have some sunshine as your Karma-reward for being so awesome!

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