Paleo Takeout Review: Mongolian Beef

 Mongolian Beef, Why Yes, Thank You!

Just some of the delicious ingredients!


So the other day on Facebook Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man, posted that he is coming out with a new cookbook called “Paleo Takeout” and he was looking for a few recipe testers. I gladly joined his Facebook group and signed up as quick as my internet speed would let me!  I decided I would love to try out the Mongolian Beef as I have not had this Chinese American dish in YEARS. I have Russ’s first cookbook The Ancestral Table and absolutely love everything I’ve made from there so I knew not only would I get to try a new recipe but I was also guaranteed a delicious one to boot.

I actually met Russ a few years ago when he did a cooking demonstration at my parent’s house (see below) in Maryland for the Baltimore Paleo Meet Up group, yes that’s right I got front row seats to his amazing cooking abilities! This opportunity was awesome and Russ and his wife Janey could not have been cooler! This was my first encounter with Parsnips and clearly they have become a favorite of mine, Thanks Russ! I also had the opportunity to meet the lovely couple from Virginia is for Hunter-Gatherers…check out their site they also have AMAZING recipes.600_316337882

Alright, so how did the Mongolian Beef turn out?! AMAZING. So much so that JJ (The Sassy Husband) went back for seconds, that’s a keeper of a recipe in my book. I used grass-fed steak from our local co-op which has plenty of health benefits all on it’s own, check out on podcast for more. It was very easy to make and had all REAL FOOD ingredients so I’d say it’s got TNG’s stamp of approval #PearlandSassyApproved.


Doesn’t that picture make you want it now?!

Sorry, I cannot release the recipe so y’all are just going to have to trust me on this one, it rocked! I honestly cannot wait for this cookbook to come out. This was only one delicious dish and it appears there will be PLENTY more! Stay tuned for it’s release and maybe if we’re lucky we can convince Russ to come on Nutrition Genius Radio, what do y’all think?!

Follow the hashtag #paleotakeout to see everyone’s creations and for updates on when the cookbook will be released!



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