Iron Deficiency (Q&A18)


Need some IRON!? Want to get it from REAL FOOD sources instead of supplements? Check out how you can get all them iron gainzzz with real food on this short and sweet (but not too sweet) episode of Nutrition Genius Radio.

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Iron from Kerri aka “give me all da iron gainzz son”

Yo whaddupppp Sassy and Pearl. SO you guys totally rock- mind blowing style. I am obsessed with listening to your podcast any second I can get, especially on my runs! I learn roughly 20 new facts in the first 5 seconds of any episode. No, but seriously you are both geniuses. I feel 10x more intelligent after each episode I listen to. Okay so, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia a few months ago. I am an avid runner and I also have a variation of female athlete triad. My doctor prescribed me with iron supplements 2x day for 3 months until I get my bloodwork taken again. I feel SO much better, more energy, stronger, and I can get through my workout without feeling lightheaded and weak. I also JERF 85-90% of the time so that is enhancing my life as well (thanks!). My question to you guys is, what do you recommend I include in my diet on a daily basis and weekly basis to ensure my iron intake is sufficient (hopefully sufficient enough to come off a supplement)?? Thanks for keeping it real and helping us all prevent atherosclerosis!

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