#33 FODMAPs with Aglaee Jacob, MS, RD


Do you have an irritable gut?! Do you wish that you could eat food without fear? Are you willing to make short term changes to see long term results?! Just want to learn what a FODMAP is?! This week Sassy and Pearl team up with Real Food Registered Dietitian Aglaee Jacob to discuss what FODMAPs are, who needs to avoid them, what you can eat and so much more! Get your gut in check and start feeling like a rockstar again. Aglaee is a wealth of knowledge and she even has a special guest star with her 🙂

Welcome to Today’s Special Guest Aglaee Jacob, MS, RD



Aglaée graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Laval University (Québec City, Canada) and then worked as a dietitian diabetes educator in Ottawa for 3 years before realizing that the training she had received wasn’t allowing her to help people as much as she had hoped. She then decided to open her mind to other schools of thought and started digging into the scientific literature to explore alternative options. Since then, she developed an evidence-based, holistic approach that not only allows her to get better results with her clients, but that also helped her heal herself.

She recently published a book called “Digestive Health with REAL Food: a practical guide to an anti-inflammatory, low-irritant, nutrient-dense diet for IBS & other digestive issues” in 2013 and a companion cookbook of the same name in 2014. She blogs at RadicataMedicine.com. Aglaée is passionate about health, but she also loves food, traveling and walking in nature. She is currently studying naturopathic medicine in Toronto where she lives with her husband and 6-month old baby. She also recently started the podcast Real Food Mamas with another Real Food Dietitians.

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Word(s) O the Day:

1. Kathisophobia (noun): Fear of sitting down

Ex: Pearl and Sassy suffer from Kathisophobia

2. Gourmand (noun):  one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking

Ex: Most dietitians are gourmands!

 Show Notes:

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Aglaee’s Website/Blog at Radicata Medicine

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Initial FODMAP information from Australia

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Beating SIBO naturally with herbal antimicrobials by Aglaee

Aglaee’s FODMAP chart

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Where to find Aglaee:

Facebook Group: Radicata Medicine (with Aglaee Jacob, RD)
Twitter: @aglaeejacob
Instagram: @aglaeepaleord_radicatamedicine
Website/Blog: Radicata Medicine

Find Aglaee’s Book & Cookbook on Amazon & Barnes & Noble


Takeaway from Aglaee: Remember that your health starts in your gut!

Nutrition Genius, OUT!

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