22 Random Acts of Kindness- TODAY!

22 Random Acts of Kindness

The day is finally here!

I am so excited the day is finally here! Please remember to send us an email, text message, or social media shout-out (our favorite is instagram) to let us know you participated in the event today and use the hashtag #22raok so we can show my friend just how much her love and kindness has spread!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with but if you need some ideas, below is what the Rochester crew is up to today. From the bottom of my heart hank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of this event. Team Nutrition Genius will be forever indebted to you for your continued support of our adventures both nutrition related and otherwise.

Okay that is about all the sappy I can handle. LETS GET READY TO BE KIND!!!!!!!!!!!

Rochester’s Game Plan:
1. Make it your own. This one is to give you time to do the more time-consuming tasks but something that is meaningful to you. It could be helping a friend pack for a move, cleaning their house, babysitting their kids/dogs, volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating to a charity of your choice, etc. I will be getting in touch with the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Rochester to see what they need, let me know it you’re up for this!
2. Stop for a cup of coffee on the way to the market and buy for the person behind you.
3. Meet at the Public Market at 10 am in the parking lot across the street. At the market we are going to give thank-you cards to the local farmers and buy apples for a police station, flowers for a nursing home, and plants for doorsteps.
4. Collect stuffed animals to donate to Children’s hospital.
5. Collect care package items for a soldier.
6. Leave inspirational/kindness quotes on cars in the market parking lot.
7. Give bagged lunches to homeless close to the market.
8. Drop off can ned goods to House of Mercy.
9. Drop off clothes/household items to House of Mercy.
10. Bring chili to the fire department at 704 Hudson Ave
11. Budapub for lunch at 12 pm. Tip generously.
12. At lunch write a thank you card to someone who has helped you recently.
13. At lunch write a “just because” card for a friend you haven’t spoken to recently.
14. Tape quarters to a parking meter.
15. Drop off plants on doorsteps.
16. Drop off apples from market to firehouse on the corner of Monroe/Alexander
17. Stop at Wegmans to tape popcorn to Redbox.
18. While at Wegmans buy lottery tickets to give out.
19. Do something nice at Wegmans- help someone with their groceries, let someone go ahead of you in line, be polite to the checkout person, give someone a compliment, etc.
20. Bring flowers to a nursing home.
21. Call someone just to say hi/cheer them up.
22. Buy someone a drink at the bar.

Nutrition Geniuses and Kindness Ninjas OUT!

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