Orthorexia (Q&A #14)

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Orthorexia, Is This A Thing?


Do you love your real food lifestyle but worry it’s turning into orthorexia? Tune in this week to learn what Orthorexia is and if you should be concerned.

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Dear Nutrition Geniuses,

I love the podcast and the quirky style. Was hoping you could address this with the Q&A show, how can you tell when your real food diet choices are bordering on or becoming more of an eating disorder like orthorexia? My wife seems to think I was developing this at one point and I really dont know. It would almost force me to eat other things just to prove a point.

-Justin Z

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Show Notes

Check out our previous episode on Stress-Free Eating

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How much time per day do you spend planning, preparing, and thinking about food?

2. What is your emotional feeling after eating? Happy? Satisfied? Worried? Guilty? Anxious?

3. Do you think of foods as being “good” or “bad” ?If yes, what would your emotional feeling be like after eating a “bad” food and how much time would you spend thinking about it?

4. Do you punish yourself (emotionally or through exercise) after eating a “bad” food?

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Nutrition Geniuses, OUT!

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