Happy New Year from Sassy & Pearl

Happy New Year 2015 from TNG! 


Happy New Year TNG Family, Friends and Fans!!!! We wish you nothing but health and happiness this coming year and we hope that we can continue to help you along your healthy journey!

We Want to HEAR from YOU!

We’d LOVE to hear from you (via comments, social media, contact us, etc.) to find out what YOU are looking for from US this coming year! Here are some options:

  • Video Content (on our YouTube channel): How-To, Recipes, Nutrition Facts, Podcast, etc.
  • Webinars for more in-depth education on REAL FOOD nutrition
  • E-books/Cookbooks

Thank you all for following along and allowing us to be our goofy yet nerdy selves. We LOVE nutrition and want you all to be the healthiest and happiest you can possibly be!

Need more in-depth nutrition help? Check out our Packages and set something up for the New Year because after all, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

We cannot wait to see where this next year brings us, now get off the computer/phone/tablet and go enjoy some time with your family, friends (furry too) and nature!


Nutrition Geniuses OUT!

Sassy & Pearl

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